Michael “Big Mike” Collins – Dockworker


A character illustration for the 1920’s era Call of the Cthulhu role-playing game setting. Perhaps his burly stature and experience in heavy lifting is needed by other investigators on their way to revealing ancient secrets or perhaps Big Mike has himself seen something he ought not to while unloading the barque Miskatonic after it’s recent explorational journey to the Antarctic.

Also part of my Through the Ages series of illustrations where a single character is depicted in several different settings.

Jebediah Herber, The Angry Farmer With Something Terrible To Hide


A character illustration for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game setting.

Jebediah Herber and his 3 sons run a mid-sized farm located pretty much halfway between Kingsport and Arkham. The farm is accessible from the main road although one needs to travel a few miles west by small wagon trails not really suitable for motor vehicles. The farm consists of a dozen buildings three of which are built for human habitation, another three are for storage, one is a butchery, two are big hay barns and three are for livestock. The Herbers have some chickens and roosters, a few horses and lambs, a pack of dogs, a scattering of semi-wild cats and a retinue of goats and pigs.

The Herbers have been in voluntary isolation since the big storm that ravaged the area in 1910. They act aggressive towards any and all outsiders and even their immediate neighbors have accepted to shun them rather than remain in good terms. The neighboring farm folks tell tales of odd unearthly garbled and muffled roaring sounds coming from the general direction of the Herber place when the skies are clear and stars shine brightly. Some also suspect the Herbers have something to do with the occasional missing animals. It could be the wolves and bears, though.
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Jebediah Herber, The Angry Farmer With Something Terrible To Hide by Kimmo Mäkinen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Susan Crawford, a Dilettante


A character illustration for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game setting.

The wife to the filthy rich restaurant owner Robert Crawford, Susan has never had to worry about the things that ordinary people worry about – like money, standard of living or quality of food. The couple has been married for well over a decade now but they have not been blessed with children – something that continue to baffle the good townsfolk of Arkham City.

A regular visitor to pretty much any important(ish) social gathering, Susan also runs the Crawford Detective Agency from their own townhouse. The agency is nothing but a hobby to Susan – something to quench her thirst for puzzles, mysteries, the unknown and the occult. She takes only “weird” cases considering the mundane “photograph my cheating wife” -cases boring and not really interesting. Some cases have revolved around things that have drawn her further towards mysteries that seemingly point to a “world hidden from the plain eye” as she herself expresses things on her journal. She is verbally and literally quite talented and has written some details of her actual cases to be part of a series of short stories she has published in a fledgling literary magazine named Hidden that specializes in detective mysteries and weird fiction.