Miniature painting

Here are some photos of my miniature paintings. Miniatures have been a part of my life since the 1980’s when I bought my first set of Ral Partha’s 25mm figures and Games Workshop’s fantasy football game Blood Bowl. I got hooked. I went through many (yup… dozens) games and game systems and painted entire armies for games such as Target Games’ Chronopia and WarZone. Today I mostly play Warhammer 40K with a few dedicated friends. I’ve painted mostly 28mm/30mm miniatures and that is reflected on the few pictures I’ve posted here.

Warhammer 40K miniatures

Space Wolves faction


The True Revilers

This is a faction of my own design. It is supposed to be a  Chaos tainted splinter-group of the Space Marines faction Raven Guard and is played with their rules.





This is my biggest army in terms of both miniature models and points count (hovering at about 20.000 points. I’ve played with this faction since the 2nd edition of the game’s rules.


World Eaters

Just starting out this faction with a more serious intent on creating awesomeness. I’ve got a few painted up but not enough to field a decent painted up group.


Nurgle Daemons

Gaming Terrain – Papa Nurgle’s Land

This is a full-sized Warhammer 40K gaming terrain I built few years ago in just a few days of building frenzy. The original post is here.


Fantasy Flight Games’ The Descent Miniatures

My group of like-minded gentlemen eagerly adopted the game of Descent when the second edition surfaced years ago. The only reason it isn’t represented more in this section is that all the gaming time seem to go towards other games at the moment (like Pathfind Adventure Card Game). But anyways … a few examples of my Descent miniatures.


The Cthulhu Wars Miniatures

While the miniatures are nice, I’m royally pissed off by the fact you can’t really buy the game expansions from anywhere. We’ve played a few times and had fun in the process and since I’m a fan of the Lovecraftian fiction, it made sense to paint some up.