Ungrug The Stone Golem

2017-09-09 golem

An illustration of a stone golem monster for any fantasy-themed role-playing game settings. In addition to the full illustration I decided to share an early black & white sketch as well in a transparency-enabled PNG format.

2017-09-09 golem

Name: Ungrug the Stone Golem
Race: magical construct
Location: Northern Groam

Ungrug is the creation of Archmage Chenius of Myrna. He constructed the golem many years ago while he was living alone in his keep in northern Groam and he needed protective measures against both superstitious locals and inquisitive rivals. Chenius’ keep was later almost destroyed as a result of a magical experimentation but Ungrug survived the mayhem. And when years passed and Chenius moved to Myrna, Ungrug was left behind. Only the most powerful wizards can create golems that continue their existence after their master has abandoned them. Ungrug remains in his post guarding the ruins of the archmage’s keep.

It is not certain whether the ruins of the keep still hold something of value or if indeed the keep contained underground levels that were left unharmed in the initial destruction. Ungrug guards it regardless as it was it’s purpose. The only person ever to have entered the ruined keep is Chenius’ apprentice, a powerful cosmologist named Sirlo Shakrav who currently lives near the ruined keep. Ungrug is commanded to protect Sirlo as well and instructed to let Sirlo come and go as she pleases. And Sirlo indeed spents an awful lot of time in the ruined keep which naturally begs the question “Why?”.

Ungrug stands guard in the vast foyer of the ruined keep which is now partially exposed to the elements and partially covered by the remnants of the former top floors. Nature has started to take over the keep and indeed even it’s loyal guardian. At times Ungrug activates and shuffles around the foyer, patrols around the keep or just shifts it’s position. The creature has limited intelligence with little means to express even that although it is known that it can sometimes make deep sighs and moaning sounds scaring the hell out of rodents and birds used to seeing rocks remain steady and quiet.

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