Ungrug The Stone Golem

2017-09-09 golem

An illustration of a stone golem monster for any fantasy-themed role-playing game settings. In addition to the full illustration I decided to share an early black & white sketch as well in a transparency-enabled PNG format.

2017-09-09 golem

Name: Ungrug the Stone Golem
Race: magical construct
Location: Northern Groam

Ungrug is the creation of Archmage Chenius of Myrna. He constructed the golem many years ago while he was living alone in his keep in northern Groam and he needed protective measures against both superstitious locals and inquisitive rivals. Chenius’ keep was later almost destroyed as a result of a magical experimentation but Ungrug survived the mayhem. And when years passed and Chenius moved to Myrna, Ungrug was left behind. Only the most powerful wizards can create golems that continue their existence after their master has abandoned them. Ungrug remains in his post guarding the ruins of the archmage’s keep.

It is not certain whether the ruins of the keep still hold something of value or if indeed the keep contained underground levels that were left unharmed in the initial destruction. Ungrug guards it regardless as it was it’s purpose. The only person ever to have entered the ruined keep is Chenius’ apprentice, a powerful cosmologist named Sirlo Shakrav who currently lives near the ruined keep. Ungrug is commanded to protect Sirlo as well and instructed to let Sirlo come and go as she pleases. And Sirlo indeed spents an awful lot of time in the ruined keep which naturally begs the question “Why?”.

Ungrug stands guard in the vast foyer of the ruined keep which is now partially exposed to the elements and partially covered by the remnants of the former top floors. Nature has started to take over the keep and indeed even it’s loyal guardian. At times Ungrug activates and shuffles around the foyer, patrols around the keep or just shifts it’s position. The creature has limited intelligence with little means to express even that although it is known that it can sometimes make deep sighs and moaning sounds scaring the hell out of rodents and birds used to seeing rocks remain steady and quiet.

Sirlo Shakrav, Cosmologist


A character illustration for any fantasy -themed role-playing game setting. She is designed to fit my own fantasy -themed setting Cresia.



Name: Sirlo Shakrav

Race: human

Location: Northern Groam

Sirlo Shakrav spent her childhood in a small and strict monastery. She was essentially abandoned after having showed dangerous signs of unexplained phenomena happening around her before she was even one year of age. Her parents were deeply superstitious and feared they could not handle Sirlo. Although they eventually left her to the monastery, they still retained visitation rights and tried to understand their daughter’s abilities to the best of their limited minds. Sirlo’s early life was simple and restrained; she was essentially denied cultivating her innate natural abilities as a magic user and she was actively discouraged to stifle her talents. The strategy of the monastery failed royally and at the volatile age of ten she was returned to her parents as an abomination the monastery was not able to guide to the path of the righteous. A few years went by and after constant struggling with their daughter, her parents sought help from outside. Eventually they found a suitable mentor for Sirlo – Archmage Chenius who is currently a member of the ruling elite of Myrna. At the time Chenius was conducting unknown experimentations in a private keep some in northern Groam and he had cultivated a reputation among the local populace as a powerful wielder of the ancient magical arts. Chenius took young Sirlo under his wings without testing her in any way; he immediately recognized the uncultivated potential the young girl had.

Sirlo remained in Groam after Chenius returned to his homeland Myrna to regain an active position in the ruling council after an absence of a decade. She  “inherited” Chenius’ lands and property although the archmage’s keep had been reduced to a pile of rubble after a spectacular magical catastrophe that only miraculously didn’t consume any lives. She now lives in a nearby cottage. Archmage Chenius taught Sirlo many wonderful things over the years and instructed Sirlo not to come to Myrna until she has attained a much more fine-grained control of her powers lest the powerful but unpredictable mana currents inherent in Myrna would surely produce catastrophic problems. Sirlo remains in Groam trying to control and master her powers and has become a local figure of importance as she provides assistance for a myriad of problems against a small fee.

Sirlo is a Cosmologist; she controls and changes the physical manifestations of the energies of the universe. Her innate abilities probably would allow her to master other types of magic as well but for unknown reasons the cosmological powers are so powerful within her that she can barely maintain them at bay even at relatively low magic flow areas such as northern Groam. Perhaps if she finds ways to master these powers she could focus her interests to some other magical arts.

Today, Sirlo lives alone in relative seclusion in a cottage nearby the demolished keep of the archmage. She ventures into neighboring villages and towns regularly to perform odd jobs that earn her enough coin to cope. She is in good terms with all the nearby communities although there’s some friction with small local superstitious groups that see her (and others like her) more of a threat than an asset even if she has time and again proven of not harboring any ill will towards the local communities.


Alyssa Corma


Name: Alyssa Corma
Race: human
Location: Groam

Alyssa is a loner. She has always pretty much shunned company and even avoided her own siblings as much as it was possible for a child in a family of six children. She grew up in a socially active family in a socially active city of Port Magalie in Witchlight Strand … and hated every minute of it. She eventually came at peace with her inner demons and learned to tolerate other people around her. But she frequently sought solace by escaping from the city and enjoying the wilderness that the inner lands of the Witchlight Strand offer to those daring to explore them. Her family did come after her many times and practically had to drag to her back with them but eventually it dawned to them that she greatly suffered living in the city and gradually accepted that her place was somewhere else than with them. They parted their ways when Alyssa was 14 years of age and while there were many tears and hugs involved, everyone understood that it would sooner or later come to this. Her family at least tried to postpone the inevitable until Alyssa would be old enough to cope on herself.

Nine years later and Alyssa has seen the unusual red cliffs that are responsible for the naming of Bloodspires and hold sacred meaning to the demihuman races living in there. She has seen the sparkling white towers of the mighty city of Bedelhaus in Gruenroth resting on the stern arms of Mount Bedel. She has played The Game of the Kings with the legendary champion Merenes Anfala in Jaston. She has bathed in the red waterfalls of Tarsolom and enjoyed her fair share of the relaxing steamy hot bubbling natural waters deep under the city of Illes. She has danced with the minotaur king Maruk in Dumang and watched the setting sun on the endless golden beaches of Sostas. Despite this she has found the time to visit her family at Port Magalie on two occasions.

She travels throughout the vast kingdom of Groam now seeking new natural wonders, experiences and riches that the great nature can offer her. She has become much more composed and confident during these years and can nowadays even enjoy the companionship of others. Larger crowds and packed cities still frighten her but no longer render her unable to enjoy life in such places. Still, she much more prefers wilderness to cities.

Alyssa is an experienced traveler now able to find food and shelter in the  wilderness, procure and mix healing herbs to cure illnesses, protect herself against drunken bullies and find hiding places if need be. She doesn’t actively pursue companionship during her travels even while traversing the more dangerous routes but she wouldn’t turn down an offer to join small(ish) groups if they would share the same route. When with others Alyssa is relaxed, composed and natural but somewhat shy. She enjoys the little things and keeps a remarkably positive attitude often mixed with hearty laughter. The elves of Witchlight Strand taught her the valuable skill of writing and on occasion she writes down chapters of her experiences on the road.





Kate Fendale


Name: Kate Fendale
Race: human
Location: Akron

Kate Fendale was born and raised in the capitol city of Akron – Mayhill. Her early life was dominated by her mother’s affairs with several members of the upper crust of the city. Her father was a local teacher of youngsters up until he died of a heart failure when Kate was merely six years of age. Her mother somehow fell apart mentally and started a decade-long binge of drunkenness and sexual affairs which eventually took her to an early grave. Initially the family was quite well-off financially, but since not a single coin was coming in anymore, the wealth started to melt gradually in the hands of Kate’s mother.

When Kate was 14, she and her mother were practically broke and her mother was seriously ill from impending liver failure. Kate was pretty much forced to deal with the situation, but her means were very limited. She had, however, years of practice on how to sneak around quietly and hide in the shadows due to her mother’s abusiveness and mean spirits when she was drunk. Kate used her developing skills successfully as a petty thief, but soon graduated into full-blown thievery. She was amazed at how easy it was to gain wealth this way. When Kate’s mother died, she had enough money to pay for her funeral – in which she was the only attendee. She was only 16, but competent enough to make a splash in the criminal circles of Akron.

At the age of 24 Kate was already a hard-core member of the Sombra which is a notorious Ferrian -born organisation of rogues and thieves spanning dozens of cities and towns in Akron, Gruenroth, Ferria and Groam. She was severely entangled with complex inter-guild rope-pulling and power politics of shady outlaw characters wanting to restrain the influence of the organization in Akron. Even though she was close friends with Patricia Mael – who runs the organization’s chapter in Mayhill – she was not able to stay in the city. She decided it was time to let things cool down a bit. The next few years Kate traveled around Akron and made acquaintances with other thieves in every city, town and village she stumbled into and under instructions from Patricia Mael she secretly bonded alliances with them in an effort to expand the organization’s tentacles to more and more cities. Finally she ended up in Groam only two years ago and started working as an information gathering specialist regarding trade routes working for the Sombra‘s Groam -based affiliates. She has the skills to sneak into locked warehouses, sniff around a bit and report her findings to whoever pays her the most. Such skill sets as Kate has are highly sought after by other thieves but also by rivaling merchants who want to gain an edge over their competition.

Kate has little tolerance for complex plans and rather goes by her wits. This mindset is especially dangerous when it comes to thievery and burglary, but so far Kate has never been caught – although she has been suspected of such activities several times both in Akron and Groam. Kate has mood swings, a spicy temperament bordering lunacy and a general loathing of all intoxicants. She hates pubs, inns, taverns and public festivities with equal fervor since they all tend to send her to an emotional roller coaster back into her childhood and right into middle of violent drunkenness. Thus she can’t really be reached from these typical locales but instead through common acquaintances only.

Artor Cambori, Leader of the Warders


Name: Artor Cambori
Race: Human
Location: Warder Keep, Akron

Whatever one thinks about The Warders in general, one can not deny that Artor Cambori is a capable and multi-talented man. Originating from a traveling merchant family from Groam, Artor has had an upbringing that highlights the meaning of personal achievement instead of relying on traditional safety nets provided by friends and family. Indeed during his youth he did not have time to make friends since his family was always moving about to yet another exotic nook of the world in need of cinnamon or cold-smoked sole fishes or whatever. While his parents were there to help him out, they actively encouraged him to find his own solutions prior to seeking comfort, help or a shoulder to cry on from them. He did and it served him well.

Cambori joined the military life at an early age of 17 after his parents were murdered by a rampaging horde of ogres while they were traveling the dangerous Medon Pass between Akron and Groam. He served awhile in Akron as a regular soldier stationed in the town of Medon. Then he joined the esteemed The Eighteen Griffons unit (border patrol units under the direct rule of the king of Groam) whose entire purpose was to guard the borders of the kingdom at troubled locations. While he served in the unit, the unit was involved in many tolling conflicts around Groam and a severe back injury fighting a rampaging werewolf on the north shores of Dhaira Bay forced him to retire from the unit permanently. Miraculously he healed within a year but did not find the desire to pursue his military career anymore. After six boring years raising corn, apples and turnips he grew restless and sought out some compatriots of his old days in order to form a mercenary group. This is how the mercenary group The Warders came into existence.

Cambori had made decent coin serving others but not nearly enough to build a base of operations for his group. The group was teetering on the edge of disbandment for a few years taking odd jobs here and there until they had made enough money to establish a permanent base. They bought an old abandoned and obsolete fort, fixed it, moved in and made it their base. Since those days they have made themselves famous and are one now one of the most reliable and stable mercenary units available in Cresia.

Artor is a cool – even reserved – man with a strong sense of righteousness and it his solely his judgement that has landed the unit their deals. Artor has weeded out clients and jobs that he sees problematic from the perspectives of ethics and morality. They won’t be part of random assassinations nor burning the villages of peasants just because someone would be willing to pay for that work. Artor’s leadership has been examplary and his position within the group is firm and stable – in fact many think that the group would wither and die should something happen to Artor making him unable to steer the group. Artor is in his sixties and in remarkably good health and still fit for physically demanding work. He refuses to sit behind a desk while his men are doing the work and instead rides along with them to whatever dangers lie ahead. This makes him a rather hard to reach man since he one can’t just show up behind his door and hire his posse on a short notice.

Marcheval Dufien “The Beheader”


Name: Marcheval Dufien
Race: Human
Location: Udynaesses, Groam

The city of Udynaesses located in the border region of Groam and Caheb has been a lawless pit ever since the area was ravaged by a devastating plague and while the region in general has more or less recovered, the city of Udynaesses unfortunately has not. With a long and glorious history as the once capital city of Caheb, Udynaesses was seized by Groam during the period of plague some 80 years ago and is the southernmost population center of Groam. Groam hasn’t had an interest in keeping the place in line though and mostly this is because it’s hard to reach from Groam – one would have to travel through dense jungles, cross snow peaked mountains or risk dehydration if reaching by desert.

The de facto ruler of Udynaesses is now Marcheval Dufien who is known and feared in the region less affectionately as “The Beheader” because beheading his enemies is his signature gesture of power. Marcheval lives in a small fortified desert castle (Villa Hargassah – in reality not a castle but a well fortified villa) just a few kilometers south of Udynaesses. His power in the region is partially backed up by groups of Caheb origin wishing to see the city revert back to Caheb and this goal can possibly be achieved by disrupting the nominal leader of the city – commander Remnor Galant. Galant is appointed and backed up Groam but in truth has little say in the day-to-day affairs of the city.

Marcheval is of mixed descendence himself having a father from Groam and mother from Caheb and he himself initially had no political motivation – he didn’t care which country called the city as it’s own – but things have changed since the day when he saw a possibility,  grabbed it and became the feared ruler of the city by joining a few of the bigger outlaw groups and creating a unified force with him in the lead. Formerly he had made a name for himself by running various small-time crime operations in the region and gradually becoming a prominent crime ring leader. Since effectively taking over the city he has had ample opportunities to further line his pockets with coin and strengthen his presence in the region. He has no official intention of competing with the mighty countries Groam and Caheb – both of which countries haven’t shown much interest in returning rule of law to the city – but lately he has been contemplating with the possibility of forming an independent city-state and also seizing control of the harbor towns of Tash and Calemnor located in the south coast of Dhaira Bay. His plans are known only to a select handful of his most trusted men. Common people see him only as a violent opportunistic brute whose aim in life is to cause misery and pain.

As a man Marcheval is cunning and brutal. He believes that maintaining and attaining political and military power as well as coin actually requires the use of violence and that the brutality of the violence used must exceed that of the opposition – whoever it happens to be. Mercy and forgiveness are not words in his vocabulary. In a relaxed state he is actually quite jovial and friendly even but he rarely shows that side of himself in public; it’s strictly reserved to close friends and manifested within closed quarters.

It has been rumored that Marcheval is somehow linked to the so called Dhaira Cult and one of it’s leaders – the High Priestess Chya. The nature and intimacy of their relationship is subject to speculation, however, but apparently Chya has been spotted at Marcheval’s villa on several occasions when wild (and some witnesses would use the word vile as well) festivities have taken place. Whatever their relationship actually is, some of Marcheval’s backers are less than thrilled about it since Chya’s activities directly threaten many prominent families and the coastal city of Tash in particular. And since the city of Tash is firmly under Caheb control, groups that are friendly with Marcheval against the invading Groam are very wary not to undermine their own country’s power in nearby Caheb -controlled cities.


Archmage Chalcumus


Name: Archmage Chalcumus
Race: Human
Location: Macul, Myrna

The legends will tell you that Chalcumus is much older than 300 years but even if that is not a true statement, this wise old man has still certainly seen his fair share of years. He is the most recent Archmage in the council of 12 archmages that rule Myrna and has been on the council now for a little short of a decade. He has apprenticed under Archmage Chenius and Archmage T’Ren both of whom influenced his selection to the council.

Chalcumus is of Groam origin and has a noble lineage of noteworthy persons traceable all the way to year 0 and beyond. His extensive magical aptitude came as no surprise to his parents as both of them and his fathers’ both parents were gifted with the ability to manipulate magical energies. His parents nurtured his abilities and cultivated them starting from his days on the cradle and thus he was a competent wielder of many magical arts already at the tender age of 8 when their family moved from Groam to Myrna following his father’s appointment as Elder Custodian in Penachloss – a prestigious school of the magical arts for specially gifted youngsters. Chalcumus was naturally signed up for the school as well and at the age of 16 he graduated from Penachloss with highest grades in the history of the school.

Chalcumus masters several magical disciplines but his ability as a summoner reaches unprecedented levels and while he is certainly not the most powerful magic user in Myrna – let alone Cresia – his mastery in summoning magic is unparalleled. He is always accompanied by two highly intelligent and peculiar small flying creatures of unidentifiable species. They have learned the languages of men and can speak to others with an odd, high-pitched croaking voice. These creatures named Trel and C’Hel willfully entered this realm of existence around 30 years ago as they were curious about Chalcumus and subsequently after befriending the mage become his companions. They are not controlled by Chalcumus and apparently have free will to act as they wish but so far they have been quite happy to stick with Chalcumus and help him in whatever he wants done. It’s not certain if they somehow boost the Archmages’ abilities but they are quite powerful mana wielders on their own right as well.

As a person Chalcumus is mellow and considerate but stern. He always tries to see things from other people’s perspective and doesn’t judge anyone too hastily or without due consideration. Some even say he is too lenient when it comes to acting as a ruler.

Archmage Chalcumus lives among the common people in the city of Macul in a spacious house that is in dire need of repairs. As an Archmage he also rules over the region but has left the day to day chores of governing to two of his current apprentices Micaneus and Awalone.  It’s quite common to see him in the town market buying his groceries just as a regular person or helping the blind old woman next door in locating her missing cat yet again. He is quite justly seen as the wise old man of the city.


Hart Miklo, a Treasure Hunter


Name: Hart Miklo
Race: Human
Location: Udynaesses, Groam

The life of a treasure hunter is really not that glamorous as common tavern chatter would have you believe. Then again, only the most extraordinary feats are usually good enough to end up as tales repeated over a tankard of ale. Hart Miklo was once a farm hand and a stable boy making a barely meager living in a small rural town of Maekones just north of the northernmost tip of Dhaira Bay in Groam. On free evenings he marveled at the tales spewed forth by a local veteran treasure hunter by the name of Janos Martol who liked his mug full of ale and a crowd around him centered at him. Janos Martol was full of big fat lies about his travels in search of long lost treasure  from the jungles west of Dhaira Bay. His tales of bravado and untold riches just waiting for their finder were enough to convince young Hart that his place in this world should be somewhere else than in a quiet little farm surrounded by horses, pigs and goats.

20 years later and Hart Miklo’s name is quite well known among the people as a treasure hunter of some fame. He has never struck gold as such but has been part of several successful expeditions that made back their investments a dozen times over. However, gambling, drinking and stupid wagers have been around Miklos’ adulthood as flies are around a dog’s turd and he has pretty much lost every penny he has ever gained. He also buried a sizable amount of money a few years ago while he was extremely drunk and come next day he forgot where he buried it. It’s somewhere in Udynaesses for sure and contains a few kilo’s worth of gold and silver artifacts retrieved from an ancient ruined temple.

Hart is an easy going fella with a witty mouth and fast legs both of which are many times used in conjunction as he has the bad habit of not controlling his verbal output while intoxicated and intoxication is not an uncommon state for him. He is quite funny to be around and while a bit mischievous at times, he is still trustworthy and values a good friendship above else. Hart has been in Udynaesses for a few years and considers this lawless city as his home now. He is always looking for jobs somehow related to treasure hunting and has a rather well rounded skill set for such work.

Ludwig Morton, The Crimson Knight



Name: Ludwig Morton “The Crimson Knight”
Race: Human
Location: Morton, Thrubmorton Fens, Gruenroth

A member of a long line of knights and other noblemen of Groam descendance, Ludwig Morton is the current ruler of the city of Morton and the neighboring lands known as Thrubmorton Fens. Thrubmorton Fens is the southernmost area of the kingdom of Gruenroth covering a large area of mostly forested swamp land. The people of the area are packed into few town and cities and they consider themselves to be more part of Groam (or Akron) than Gruenroth due to their cultural and genetic past. Ludwig is the primary ruler of the city and the lord of the lands surrounding Morton (the fortified city of New Mere Fort and the trade city of Mullion both fall under Morton’s rule). And as is common in Gruenroth, he holds no title as such and the lands he control are not that well defined. Morton is known throughout the lands as The Crimson Knight – a nickname that originates from his youth. He supposedly defeated a red dragon (making him one of only a handful of men ever to be known to do such a deed) living in the mountainous area known as the Bloodspires and that was said to be the mother of a strange variety of reddish brown lizardmen that have been seen from time to time in Thrubmorton Fens but who seem extremely rare or elusive now. He brought the remains of the dragon to Morton where the parts were displayed in front of hundreds of citizens in the market square of the city. Ludwig then hired a well-known dwarven alchemist by the name of Durgar to extract the fiery redness of the dragon and instill it’s power into hardened armor plates that would then be molded into a suit of armor. The process lasted for two years during which time Ludwig rose to lead the city and the area. Morton’s red armor is said to contain extreme magical properties but those can as easily be old wives’ tales than absolute truth.

Ludwig Morton is married to one Lady Sullivan and they have two sons and one daughter now. The immediate family of Morton’s include a total of 24 living persons, most of whom live in the city of Morton or Mullion. That fact makes the Morton’s family a rock solid clan that is likely to stay in power long after a single of it’s member is gone. The family is close, effective and stable unit whose members share common interests and strong beliefs in how the area should be ruled and nurtured. They also maintain a strong presence in every possible city function and even though the family is well liked by the citizens, their apparent need to control everything is frequently causing problems in the area.

Ludwig is a rather well-mannered and civil man despite his reputation as a fierce combatant. He is comfortable in a leading position but his close ties to powerful people in Groam and Witchlight Strand make him suspicious in the eyes of other Gruenroth leaders – many of which would gladly see his family banished from Gruenroth. He is very much a hard-working man and regularly accompanies common citizens in even menial tasks such as bridge-building, tree-cutting, roofing etc. He gains enormous amounts of respect thru these events but in all honesty he doesn’t do those to win popularity contests. He simply enjoys manual labor and getting his hands dirty. Perhaps he senses that he needs to stay in shape for who knows what unpleasant events the future brings?

Lucius Valonia


Name: Lucius Valonia
Race: Human
Location: Warder Keep, Akron

Warder Keep is a small fort in Akron just south of the Witchlight Strand border, some 100 kilometers North-East of the city of Agale. It originally belonged to Groam but as Akron separated from Groam and became an independent kingdom, the fort was abandoned and fell into disrepair for several decades until purchased by the mercenary leader Artor Gambori who renewed the fort and made it the base of his mercenary group.

Formerly a general of the smallish military forces of the independent city state of Karthis (located at around the border of Groam and Akron in the north) , general Valonia fell into severe arguments with the city-state’s new ruler. The arguments were mainly fueled by Lucius’ insistence to grow Karthis’ military presence in the area. Lucius believes that unstable times are ahead and that Karthians should wake up and stop smelling the roses – he thinks that the time of independent city states is running out. Lucius wanted to enhance Karthis’ military by growing all the aspects of the armed forces, forcing a mandatory military service time to all male Karthians and to set clearly defined borders (including peripheral forts and outposts) that the city-state will defend with vigilance and vigor. The soldiers in Karthis are all skilled and honored professionals, but Lucius thinks there are simply not enough of them to meet the challenges of tomorrow which eventually need these professionals of violence.

Lucius was eventually politically crushed over the course of three years and none of his ideas were taken seriously enough by the civil rulers. The mind-set in the city-state is that the skilled mercenary groups present in the city are enough of a military presence. After a time general Valonia found himself time and time again in bitter arguments and one day after a heated discussion with the leader of the city guardsmen – a man blindly loyal to the civil rulers – he simply announced his retirement, packed his belongings and left Karthis.

He rode straight to the Warder Keep where he met several men who he had both fought against and fought with in the past. And of course he knew their leader Artor Cambori very well too. The Warders were commonly used by Karthis to accomplish several semi-military tasks in and around Karthis. And many times Lucius was the final link in the hiring of these mercenaries.

Artor didn’t just embrace Lucius to be one of his mercenaries. He thought that Lucius had too much political baggage and too much enemies and was too proud to become but one rank’n’file mercenary of The Warders. After a night involving much drunken shenanigans, they ended up drawing their swords in disagreement. Other Warders stopped the men and threw Lucius out of the keep. But Lucius had made up his mind … he was to become one of The Warders. He set up camp about half a mile away from the keep. He then marched to the keep each and every day for a duration of almost 8 months to ask for a chance to become one of the mercenaries. Artor was not always there. After refusing Lucius for 99 times, Artor changed his mind and finally Lucius was accepted.

That was 5 years ago. Since that time Karthis has been needing the services of The Warders in alarmingly growing frequency.