Ashim Kamal

Name: Ashim Kamal
Race: Human
Location: Calishem

Ashim is a devout follower of Barrakis, the deity of assassinations and murders. His origins are shrouded in mystery, but he himself insists he is from Calishem. He offers his specialties for hire and is especially proficient in using his poisoned serpent-ornamented dagger. Ashim creates his own poisons and does not rely on the concoctions of witches, shamans, heyabs or shady clerics. He masters several extremely rare recipes for extraordinary poisons ranging from poisons that cause slow and bloody death all the way into poisons that cause delayed mental instability. His skills in herbal lore allow him to create healing salves and potions as well, but as a follower of Barrakis he uses such non-destructive ailments onto himself only – even if good money would fall his way by selling healing herbs.

Ashim has found Calishem to be perfect as his base of operations many years ago and nowadays his reputation is such that he can actually pick lucrative marks that don’t require him to spend days or weeks travelling around the world. Ashim is a man of high intellect, but also he suffers from an addiction to herbs that make him fearless and more focused in his work. The herbs in question he can’t cultivate on his own, but instead need to get them from his underworld contacts as many such herbs are hard to get. He frequently buys these herbs from heyabs or dervishes. Ashim moves like a silent breeze and his remarkable reflexes are the result of years of training. As a follower of Barrakis Ashim knows most of his “competition” in Calishem as well as in Caheb. Should he encounter a job he can’t take, he most certainly can point the inquiries towards one of his fellow Barrakis followers. They’d do the same.

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