Rat Shapechanger


The Rat Shapechangers of Caheb are not a race to their own, but former elves, humans, halflings and even dwarves. Living in the lush paradises of southern Caheb between the mountains and the sea, the creatures have been part of the land for possibly centuries  – perhaps even longer. The shapechangers do not lose their intelligence, but their mental faculties are permanently altered to a more beast-like mind set. They act much more instinctively and have superior hearing and olfactory sense than their former form ever had.

Many shapechangers adorn clothing not unlike they used to wear in their original form and most use weapons and tools as good as any humanoid creatures. However, they no longer possess the patience to make such stuff so everything they have is either stolen, looted, pillaged or given to them by groups of people who worship them. It’s not unheard of that entire fishing villages are worshippers of the creatures and they give them food, weapons, clothing and other items out of either fear or respect or whatever.

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