Space Wolf Terminator with an Assault Cannon



Wolf Guard member in Terminator armor. I have 50+ terminators for a Loganwing Terminator army. Most of them are from Rogue Trader era and Warhammer 2nd Edition era, but around dozen are these new plastic ones. I have failed miserably with using decals so decided to paint company markings (the black wolf silhouette on white moon; Logan Grimnar’s Wolf Company)  by hand.

Space Wolf Drop Pod

Space Wolves were the first WH40K army I started to collect in the late 80’s. They are still a work-in-progress. This post has pictures of my first ever Drop Pod I finished a few years ago. This was one of the first projects where I actually painted stuff straight on the sprues after giving the sprues a layer of primer paint.




The grime and dirt on the bottom is Vallejo gel combined with a mixture of paints and applied with an old brush. It provides a muddy like flexible substance consistent with one of my current tables and one up-coming table.




I made a stupid mistake of gluing t he rocket launcher in place instead of magnetizing the whole thing.



For weathering I used dry Vallejo pigments gently spread with a sturdy brush and fingers even. This was the first time I used the technique and although the end result is not bad, today would use much deeper pigments and much more sparingly.




Not readily visible, but I did paint the small output screens in the mid console. The above picture shows one of those screens in the middle. A few of them I painted to show only static.


A detail shot of the interior.
A detail shot of the interior.

Chaos Daemons: Plaguebearers


Chaos Daemons is a more recent Warhammer 40K army for me. I started playing with Daemons in around 2007 or so although I’ve used Plaguebearers and Bloodletters as units with Chaos Space Marines back in the day when they were unit choices in the CSM Codex.

I finished these two babies today. They are the new (plastic kits from 2012) Plaguebearers.

Exposed guts. I added some Vallejo Water Effects gel to form froth around the miniatures' mouth and as slimy ooze on the exposed guts of the belly.
Exposed guts. I added some Vallejo Water Effects gel to form froth around the miniatures’ mouth and as slimy ooze on the exposed guts of the belly.





These two are the first new Plaguebearers I’ve painted. 28 more to go! I have 17 older metallic Plaguebearers already painted up they mix very well with the new designs.

Ultramarine Dreadnought

One of my many Warhammer 40K armies is now – finally – the Ultramarines. This time around I went for a 2000 points Dreadnought army that has 6 Dreadnoughts, 2 Masters of Forge with a retinue of servitors and 6 units of Tactical marines (ideally split into combat groups while deploying). I bought 4 Dreadnoughts from Forgeworld during summer 2012 and ordered a full set of replacement arms for them as well. That means that these dudes have all magnetized arms. I only have autocannons for the other side, but can switch the other side between plasma cannon, lascannon, assault cannon and autocannon at will.