Uninvisited Isle

This site contains graphics that I have created over the years. I’ve been creating digital imagery for over two decades. This site is equal parts a portfolio and a personal outlet. The main focus of my work is on character illustrations and portraits. I’m mostly interested in creating character illustrations for role-playing game settings so the images here reflect that.

26-Feb-2022 This site vehemently opposes Russian invasion against the sovereign state of Ukraine. If you have a problem with this, please go away.


A quick portfolio

Free Culture Works and Creative Commons

Before you go on, please note that all the images in here (unless differently stated) fall under a CCBY4.0 Creative Commons licensing which conform to the principles of Free Cultural Works. I’m an advocate of free culture and believe that is the best way to keep culture alive, growing and evolving. It means you can use the graphics in this blog as you see fit (even commercially) but must acknowledge the original creator (that would be me).


About me and commission work

I’m a 46-year old web software developer currently working full time in the field of pharmaceutical logistics systems developing web-based systems used by professionals in the medical field. So I already have a job… however that being said … I’m also open for limited commission works. In fact I’ve done some in the past – character portraits like the ones you see here. Prices are reasonable: 35-55 USD for character illustrations and twice that if the buyer wishes to gain copyrights to the work done. Payments via PayPal once a proof of the work has been provided by me and once payment received, I’ll send the original work in whatever digital format required. Samples of what I do are all over this blog. Contacts via my email address xaarex@saunalahti.fi.

2007-04-27-wyv copy

3 thoughts on “Uninvisited Isle

  1. Dear Kimmo, I discovered your beautiful Shadowrun art on Deviantart.com. Man, great stuff!

    I’m writing a free fan rolepaying game at the moment (a World of Dungeons hack for Shadowrun 1e) and I’m looking for free SR art.

    It would be perfect if I got your OK to use your art in the rules.

    All the best from Germany


  2. Hi! Thank you for the kind words. You are free to use the illustrations as you wish – all I ask in return is that you credit me. I’m glad if anyone finds them useful – I had a great time creating them.

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