Marcheval Dufien

The city of Udynaesses in Groam is a sad example of a city fallen out of the grace of the benevolent gods. Once a beautiful and bustling capital city of the Theocracy of Caheb, things changed 90 years ago when a deadly plague swept across the southern Groam, Caheb and Khemal. Udynaesses was exceptionally badly hit by the disease and in the following turmoil was subsequently violently invaded and annexed by Groam 80 years ago. But Groam was not able to control it properly and the struggling city gradually fell into a lawless shadow of it’s former glory. Today it’s de facto ruler is a violent and greedy crime lord Marcheval Dufien stepping up from common petty crimes to the big league and backed up various shadowy groups each with their own hidden agendas.

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