Bjaernulf Wylfesson



Name: Bjaernulf Wylfesson
Race: Human
Location: Argan (Gruenroth)

Bjaernulf is a competent woodsman, hunter and warrior immensely loyal to Eigor Argan, who once saved not only his life, but the lives of his brother, daughter and wife as well. Bjaernulfs family now lives in seclusion in an undisclosed location somewhere along the northern border of Argan and Gruenroth. This is due to his affiliation with Eigor Argan who in turn is tightly connected to Birger Faegersson – the outcast and hunted son of the king of Argan.

From time to time Bjaernulf travels with Eigor on missions around Argan and Gruenroth and on occasion even Montevoort. While he is loyal to Eigor out of gratitude, the two men also share a tight and true friendship. Bjaernulf feels little else but contempt to the current rulers of Argan and also voices his opinions much more often and with higher volume than Eigor. Eigor is thus vary on bringing Bjaernulf along when stealth and diplomacy is required. Bjaernulf is positively fierce and demonic in combat situations, but unlike many like him, he is also a rather jovial and even funny while relaxed. He has a way with words and enjoys immensely telling about his adventures and also hearing tales told by others. But many times these stories are told in bars, inns and taverns and the tales boosted with alcohol-induced intoxication thus allowing the possibility that something secret is told by accident. Although Bjaernulf is not actively pursued by the king’s men, spies have learned to hide themselves in shadowy corners of taverns that Bjaernulf visits – just in case they hear something worthwhile.



Creative Commons License
Bjaernulf Wylfesson by Kimmo Mäkinen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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