Ruth Meckler, Intrepid Archaeologist


A character illustration for Call of Cthulhu role-playing game setting.

Ruth Meckler travels the world on missions funded by the Miskatonic University in Arkham. She started out as a helping hand years ago and has rapidly risen to a respectable archaeologist and explorer mostly due to her work in professor Arthur Connor‘s numerous successful expeditions to the Amazon basin. Her academic work includes several important and revealing papers on ancient South American belief systems.  Her doctoral thesis – while still unfinished – is named “The Origins of Religion in Neolithic Amazonian Cultures as Evidenced by Archaeological Findings” and is already widely debated in academic circles even prior to it’s publication.
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Jandro Faebianus


Name: Jandro Faebianus
Race: Human
Location: Ferria

An intrepid explorer and adventurer, Jandro Fabianus is also THE Jandro Fabianus who found the fabled and legendary city of Andar located somewhere in the border region of Ferria and Akron. His reputation exceeds that of the rulers of both countries and his recent adventures are on the lips of men, women and children alike. Jandro doesn’t have a permanent place of residence as he is truly dedicated to exploration and driven by hunger for adventure.

Jandro is of Ferrian origin and as such considers himself far above people from neighboring regions. He is educated and knowledgeable both in science and myth and holds a position of Chancellor to the Triumvirate. A highly respected position in Ferria, chancellor is a person whose deeds are so great that his presence and opinion is honored by the powers that be. Traditionally chancellors in Ferria are provided free lodging and upkeep anywhere in Ferria in exchange of support and opinions when asked. Not a title of great power in itself but surely a title of honor and respect.

Jandro Faebianus spent 11 years of his life searching for the fabled city of Andar and evidently found it 5 years ago during an expedition that tolled in loss of life of half of the crew in the expedition. He brought back with him fabulous artifacts and treasures and he and his trusted associates are the only ones who know the location of Andar and how to reach it. Rumor has it that Jandro secretly gave some of the artifacts to the members of the triumvirate and that those artifacts were of magical origin, but naturally this may just be tall tales of tavern wenches and old wives.