Lord Cayheil


Name: Lord Benjamin Cayheil
Race: Human
Location: Crolle, Akron (or whereever his master sends him questing)

Lord Cayheil has a history as a rogue mercenary prior to him being elevated to the title of lord by count Amergon himself. A long time ago they shared a common enemy – the notorious brigand chieftain by the name of Aaron Drey – and during a month travelling together they formed a friendship that culminated into Benjamin saving the life of count Amergon. A few years later their paths crossed again and since then lord Cayheil has been one of the trusted men of count Amergon. Benjamin earned his title after years of loyal servitude to the count and currently he rules a vast mansion on the eastern outskirts of Crolle. At the estate he houses and trains twelve solders, oversees a few dozen artisans and rules over a small fishing community and about a dozen houses of farmers.

Lord Cayheil is a stout and stern man. He has a steady posture and while he shorter than an average man, his demeanor oozes of self-confidence. Not particularly well liked by those under his servitude, he is nevertheless respected as a skilled warrior. Lord Cayheil is oftentimes seen accompanying count Amergon, but from time to time goes on to quests and missions for him usually alone or with a handful of trainees.

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Count Amergon


Name: Count Julius Amergon
Race: Human
Location: Crolle, Akron

Count Amergon is the count of Avontir – one of the counties of The Kingdom of Akron. His seat of power is located at the port city of Crolle on the south coast of Cybor Bay. Count Amergon is a relaxed and flexible person. He is a competent swordsman and generally a hands-on guy. The count is usually rather casual and conducts business very informally and without the bells and whistles his position as a count would grant him. He spends a lot of his time travelling both his county and the kingdom in general. Count Amergon is generally seen as a just and fair ruler and he is well liked by both his subordinates and henchmen. He keeps his hands dirty by participating in the day-to-day operations of ruling the county – often neglecting the demands of other nobles and the importance of good relations between the leaders of the land.

He is often accompanied by a Lord Cayheil – a trusted knight with whom Julius shares a friendship.