Warhammer 40K Battle Reports

Battle of Eastern Crusades

A simple concept, really. Three players each make 2 2500-point lists and then we clash on until a victor emerges. The players made their lists in secret, but the forces we known in advance. Joni took Necrons and Chaos Daemons, Mikko took Space Wolves and Sisters of Battle and Kimmo fights with Tyranids and Blood Angels. So nice variance with the armies and there’s no telling in advance which armies would reign victorious. We have no flyers, no bastions and do not use allies in this concept. The lists created remain the same until enough battles have been resolved to announce a winner. Here is a list of some battle reports for this “campaign” (not every game has been documented).

March 2013: Blood Angels vs Chaos Daemons (1-3)
April 2013:  Space Wolves vs Blood Angels (3-9) (report droids are working on it …)
May 2013: Tyranids vs Chaos Daemons (13-0) (report almost finished)
June 2013: Space Wolves vs Tyranids (3-9)
July 2013: Tyranids vs Necrons (6-2) (our report team is working on it …)
July 2013: Sisters of Battle vs Tyranids (4-12) (our report team is working on it …)

There’s no need to play any further as Tyranids won each and every game without breaking a sweat and so Tyranids win. The campaign games are over this time around just after 7 games (one of which – Space Wolves vs Chaos Daemons – was played without a camera and thus no battle report will be forthcoming). The winning list  (2500 points; double FOC) of Tyranids had 2 Trygon Primes, 2 Hive Tyrants and a Swarmlord each with a single Tyrand Guard, 15 Hormagaunts, 2 units of Devilgaunts ten in each and 2 Tervigons.


Random games:

February 2013: Necrons vs Orks (1-8)

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