Merlyn Merrick


A fantasy character illustration for any fantasy -themed role-playing game settings. Initially designed for my own fantasy -themed world Cresia.


Name: Merlyn Merrick
Race: human
Location: Port Magalie, Witchlight Strand, Akron

Merlyn Merrick is an experienced adventurer with a base of operations at The Wyvern’s Nest Inn in Port Magalie where he is a regular and well-liked patron. Merlyn is a stout and easy going fellow with a hearty laughter and a jolly attitude towards life in general. He has a low, booming voice and a self-confident demeanor with which he uses it. However, he isn’t disrespectful to others and knows when it is time to listen and when it is time to speak up. Whatever the case, he does have a tendency to laugh out loud even when it is really not that appropriate; like when quietly following a group of orcs in the Bloodspires and you see one of them tripping over on a rock.

Stealthy operations are not his forte. Neither are operations where tight or narrow locations are to be expected. Nor is he especially useful if careful diplomatic cornering is going to be on the menu. But he is the perfect companion to have around for your average everyday wilderness survival needs, heavy lifting needs and jolly company. Merlyn is at home in the woodlands of Witchlight Strand and is well acquinted with the harsh terrain of the Bloodspires. He knows numerous safe off-the-trail locations that are ideal for secure and comfortable nights in the open and good for prolonged stays should there be a need to lay low for a while. He is in good terms with the elven people of Liaglades and knows ways to keep them from interfering whilst traveling through their lands. Even some notable hobgoblins and goblins of the Bloodspires region consider him as their friend and allow him and his traveling companions some leeway usually not reserved for humankind.



Milja Markovec


Name: Milja Markovec
Race: Human
Location: Port Magalie, Witchlight Strand, Kingdom of Akron

All the inns and taverns in all the countries around the continent have one thing in common. They need skilled workers to serve the tables, do the dishes, help the intoxicated to their beds, offer an ear to weary patrons or join in the merry singing. And keep a smiling face through all this to secure a tip.

Milja works in the biggest tavern in Port Magalie. The place, The Wyvern’s Nest, is located in an ideal spot pretty much at the dead centre of the bustling port city and has a constant stream of patrons no matter the day or hour. She has served tables there for three years and is a highly popular figure in the tavern. Well liked, open, chatty, witty and with a hearty laughter she has charmed both the local busy bees stopping for a drink after the day’s work and travelling merchants just spending this one night in the city.

Her position is such that she hears things. Many things. And while not a tell-tale by any means, she has been known to line her pockets by dropping an essential piece of information to needy adventurers who treat her good and respect her hard work.

Milja is an excellent singer and was the founding singer in the events now known as Wyvern’s Tuesdays – evenings filled with laughter, singing, poetry, musical acts and such. The events are free for all to attend but since the place is usually packed on those nights, the performers receive a small fee from the tavern’s owner as well as nice tips from good performances. Milja sings on her own, as part of a choir and with percussionists and string-instrument players. She performs mostly local folk songs but also has been known to surprise the audiences by singing songs originating from far away lands. Calculated as it may be from Milja’s part, patrons such as Calishem merchant sailor crews easily tip much more when they hear a common tune so far away from their homes and when one has a boat load of sailors doing the same … anyone can do the math.