Claudia Mezole

A character illustration for any fantasy-themed role-playing game setting. I made this a decade ago but never gotten around to actually putting it online. The character was designed to fit my own fantasy world Cresia.


Name: Claudia Mezole
Race: human
Location: Cuervo Garrac, Ferria

Miss Mezole is a free lancing (ie. not part of any shady organization) burglar concentrating her thieving efforts to the southern port cities of Ferria but mostly she operates in the city of Cuervo Garrac based solely on the fact that it is the biggest of these cities. Cuervo Garrac is an ideal place to one of her profession because it is commercial nexus point for trade routes between Crovascia, Tharia and Calishem and as such there are dozens of merchant ships docked in there at any given time and the crews of those ships spend much deserved free time in the city’s many recreational locales. Many of whom get drunk and less careful about their belonging. The dock areas are off limits to free lancers as they are being controlled by a group of professional criminals; just try lifting a purse there and see for yourself. But shady operations around and in of the many taverns and inns are not controlled by any particular group and that’s where most free lancers operate.

Claudia is a flowing and bubbling personality with a hint of fatalism and nihilism thrown in for good measure. She doesn’t think herself as particularly good when it comes to her profession but in fact she is one of the best operating in the area. Her modus operandi is pretty classic: she picks a lone target who rents a room, waits until such a time the target is most probably not going disturb her and simply cleans the room of such valuables that are not identifiable. But come a lucrative enough mark she is not above direct confrontation in a dark alley provided the mark is heavily intoxicated and thus not able to properly defend. Or identify the assailant. She usually works alone. Any proceeds that she makes are simply spent in local joints although she has managed to save a small fortune stashed in a location only she knows.


Kembo Ree, A Rogue in the Night


A character illustration for any fantasy-themed role-playing game setting.

Name: Kembo Ree
Race: human
Location: Port Magalie, Witchlight Strand, Akron

Chapter Master Kembo Ree runs the infamous thief organization Sombra‘s operations in Witchlight Strand and is a close acquintance and a dear friend of Patricia Mael who heads the organization’s Akron operations. Kembo is of mixed descendance of a Ferrian father and a half-elf mother from Jaston in Witchlight Strand. He is thus well versed in the customs of both areas and this in turn has made his ascension to his current position much more easier as many Ferrian middle-men, couriers and mentors of the organization react well to anyone who show a familiarity with how the world works in Ferria.

His early life was that of continuous trouble: he was not a very popular as a youngster and rarely enjoyed the companionship of friends. Not that he was a particularly hard person to be friends with but his mother and father both worked beyond the allowances of laws and thus were persecuted by state officials and more shady characters forcing the family to both lay low or relocate ever so often. It was not uncommon for the family unit to flee into the mountains South-West of Lirio (in Gruenroth) for a month or to hide in the natural caverns acting as sewers under the city of Gaulle Sax in Witchlight Strand. And his elder brother Alecor Ree was much more favored by his father even to the point of neglecting Kembo. Alecor was the one their father had high hopes for and Alecor was the one their mother taught more submitting menial and demeaning tasks to Kembo.

Fast forward a few decades and now Alecor is the one rotting in a jail in Mayhill in Akron, their mother dead from a rivaling burglar’s accidental slingshot to the head and their ill father reduced to occasional purse-snatching and bread heists in the city of Bomert in Witchlight Strand. And Kembo is running the operations of one of the mightiest illegal organizations ever albeit his role is strictly limited to areas surrounding the city of Port Magalie.

This illustration is part of my Through the Ages series in which one character is illustrated in several different settings.

Kate Fendale


Name: Kate Fendale
Race: human
Location: Akron

Kate Fendale was born and raised in the capitol city of Akron – Mayhill. Her early life was dominated by her mother’s affairs with several members of the upper crust of the city. Her father was a local teacher of youngsters up until he died of a heart failure when Kate was merely six years of age. Her mother somehow fell apart mentally and started a decade-long binge of drunkenness and sexual affairs which eventually took her to an early grave. Initially the family was quite well-off financially, but since not a single coin was coming in anymore, the wealth started to melt gradually in the hands of Kate’s mother.

When Kate was 14, she and her mother were practically broke and her mother was seriously ill from impending liver failure. Kate was pretty much forced to deal with the situation, but her means were very limited. She had, however, years of practice on how to sneak around quietly and hide in the shadows due to her mother’s abusiveness and mean spirits when she was drunk. Kate used her developing skills successfully as a petty thief, but soon graduated into full-blown thievery. She was amazed at how easy it was to gain wealth this way. When Kate’s mother died, she had enough money to pay for her funeral – in which she was the only attendee. She was only 16, but competent enough to make a splash in the criminal circles of Akron.

At the age of 24 Kate was already a hard-core member of the Sombra which is a notorious Ferrian -born organisation of rogues and thieves spanning dozens of cities and towns in Akron, Gruenroth, Ferria and Groam. She was severely entangled with complex inter-guild rope-pulling and power politics of shady outlaw characters wanting to restrain the influence of the organization in Akron. Even though she was close friends with Patricia Mael – who runs the organization’s chapter in Mayhill – she was not able to stay in the city. She decided it was time to let things cool down a bit. The next few years Kate traveled around Akron and made acquaintances with other thieves in every city, town and village she stumbled into and under instructions from Patricia Mael she secretly bonded alliances with them in an effort to expand the organization’s tentacles to more and more cities. Finally she ended up in Groam only two years ago and started working as an information gathering specialist regarding trade routes working for the Sombra‘s Groam -based affiliates. She has the skills to sneak into locked warehouses, sniff around a bit and report her findings to whoever pays her the most. Such skill sets as Kate has are highly sought after by other thieves but also by rivaling merchants who want to gain an edge over their competition.

Kate has little tolerance for complex plans and rather goes by her wits. This mindset is especially dangerous when it comes to thievery and burglary, but so far Kate has never been caught – although she has been suspected of such activities several times both in Akron and Groam. Kate has mood swings, a spicy temperament bordering lunacy and a general loathing of all intoxicants. She hates pubs, inns, taverns and public festivities with equal fervor since they all tend to send her to an emotional roller coaster back into her childhood and right into middle of violent drunkenness. Thus she can’t really be reached from these typical locales but instead through common acquaintances only.

Harun Q’han


Name: Harun Q’Han
Race: human
Location: Callistra, Calishem

While the streets of Calishemian cities are generally safer than cities of say – Caheb and Ferria – at night things change radically. In Calishem it is generally accepted that once the sun no longer lightens the streets, the darker side of the nature needs it’s outlet. A balance of night and day, a balance of brighter things and darker things. That’s why visitors in Calishem are advised to stay within their place of residence during the night and avoid any unnecessary movement. The city of Callistra – while being a bustling port of trade – makes no exception and once the darkness sets in, you’re on your own. A person getting in trouble in the streets at night are more often than not thought as if they were actively seeking trouble and got what they deserved.

Of course the nights are far from pure chaos. City guards usher people indoors and generally look out for the safety of the city. Arsonists, thieves, murderers and madmen need as much attention at night as they do at daylight. Harun Q’Han is one of the thieves.

Harun is a founding member of Tima – a covert and secret thieves’ guild located in Callistra. The guild has members from all walks of life, but a common trait to them is their acceptance of their darker side – something most Calishemians try to keep suppressed as suppression of the spirit’s dark tendencies is the only barrier between a peaceful working hierarchical society and anarchic destruction. Harun is by far the best of his clan. His nocturnal activities include stealing from the rich, assassinations by contracts, wanton acts of destruction and sometimes even indulging into sexual depravities. But he is not all about being bad – true to his own teachings, he also embraces his lighter side and is generally a very polite, socially active and a kind man engaging in communal activities, popular past-times and games and even helps out at a local orphanage. Of course he doesn’t need a day job due to his lucrative nocturnal activities and it is more than feasible to think that he is actually scouting for new members and apprentices at the orphanage.

Thus far his clan of bad boys has been covert enough that it’s existence is not registering to the powers in charge of things. The clan members hold bi-weekly meetings in which they co-ordinate their efforts and share their experiences over dinners and drinks. This way Harun can also control his group by suggesting periods of inactivity in order not to attract too much attention. A successful strategy indeed since after every major heist, Harun’s group maintain a low profile at least until the previous investigations have been stopped and deemed ineffective.