‘Brothers, keep chanting! It’s working!’


A black and white illustration of a group of cultists in a forest clearing trying to summon forth a creature from the abyss. This could easily be used as a page element to liven up a written scenario or adventure.

A scene such as this is most suitable for fantasy -themed setting but I suppose it fits equally well a horror -themed setting. Perhaps a group of players is stumbling upon a scene like this accidentally or perhaps they are desperately trying to prevent the members of this sinister cult to achieve a success in their nocturnal activities.


Unspeakable Horror!



A creature illustration for Call of Cthulhu role-playing game setting.

An area named Valley of the White Stone just south of Arkham City is justly shunned by locals. The locals know that the wooded patches of the valley are home to unspeakable horrors that appear and disappear perhaps guided by the stars themselves. The woods are quiet and remote for years on end until something triggers the appearance of hideous tentacled monsters seemingly bursting through ground from hell itself.

The locals are wise enough not to build anything – not even wells for agricultural use – near the haunted spots. They avoid the locations based on ancestral knowledge. A traveler from Arkham can’t even get a guide to these locations even if the creatures have been seen last over a decade ago.

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