Space Wolf Terminator with an Assault Cannon



Wolf Guard member in Terminator armor. I have 50+ terminators for a Loganwing Terminator army. Most of them are from Rogue Trader era and Warhammer 2nd Edition era, but around dozen are these new plastic ones. I have failed miserably with using decals so decided to paint company markings (the black wolf silhouette on white moon; Logan Grimnar’s Wolf Company)  by hand.

Space Wolf Drop Pod

Space Wolves were the first WH40K army I started to collect in the late 80’s. They are still a work-in-progress. This post has pictures of my first ever Drop Pod I finished a few years ago. This was one of the first projects where I actually painted stuff straight on the sprues after giving the sprues a layer of primer paint.




The grime and dirt on the bottom is Vallejo gel combined with a mixture of paints and applied with an old brush. It provides a muddy like flexible substance consistent with one of my current tables and one up-coming table.




I made a stupid mistake of gluing t he rocket launcher in place instead of magnetizing the whole thing.



For weathering I used dry Vallejo pigments gently spread with a sturdy brush and fingers even. This was the first time I used the technique and although the end result is not bad, today would use much deeper pigments and much more sparingly.




Not readily visible, but I did paint the small output screens in the mid console. The above picture shows one of those screens in the middle. A few of them I painted to show only static.


A detail shot of the interior.
A detail shot of the interior.