Shield of Aldamar


An illustration to show a typical shield of Aldamar for my Cresia fantasy gaming setting.

Aldamar is the god of Justice and Redemption and his followers (called clerics, healers or arbitrators depending on where in Cresia you happen to be) are usually devoted to either helping people out in general or specifically on matters of justice. The sphere of influence of the god is limited to to kingdoms of Akron, Groam and Calishem with pockets of influence in Caheb and a few travelling healers in southern Gruenroth. The clerics of Aldamar are in grave danger in countries such as Horna (where matters are resolved solely via physical strength) and Zarovna (where justice is merely a distant joke).

Origins of Aldamar are not known but the deity has been known to exist before year 0 and his mission then was to spread the wisdom of rule of law to all people. While the details of his story are vague at best, he still gathered a stout following and attained the status of a demi-god around year 0. His followers today have access to some special magical abilities only available to them and granted only to devout followers. Aldamar has a following of around 300 priests, healers and arbitrators around Cresia and a base of believers in the region of over 80 thousand people (most of which subscribe to many other deities as well).

Followers of Aldamar have no special places of worship and they do not follow any strict doctrines or rituals in their daily life although most have abandoned the pursue of riches and creature comforts. Many of the priests are not at all liked in upper crusts of society since Aldamar does not rank people based on their merits, wealth or bloodline – the lowliest servants are as important as the mightiest of kings even if the powerful people try to pass on laws to secure differential treatment to them. But some benevolent rulers appreciate the followers of Aldamar and treat them in respect because they can provide valuable insight into the mindset of the common folk.



Adolphe Remy, a voodoo priest



A character illustration for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game setting.

Adolphe Remy is of Haitian origin and comes from a long line of voodoo practitioners dating all the way back to Benin in Africa. He and a group of his devout followers followed some supernatural lead to Arkham in the early 1920’s and they eventually bought a remote manor house some good 20 miles away from Arkham city proper. Rumors  abound as to what exactly this group is doing there, but nothing concrete has even been proven. They generally maintain a low profile and visit Arkham twice a month purchasing living essentials and also sell their own products in the open market. Their spices, herbs, carrots, yellow tomatoes and other vegetables have become somewhat known for their exceptional quality in Arkham and on most market days they sell out their supply quite fast. Yet many city folks shun them due to their strange appearance, black skin and a unique Haitian accent of their speech.

The manor house is occupied by some twenty followers of Adolphe and another ten hired workers that maintain the premises, cultivate the manor grounds and farm the nearby fields. All of them are of Haitian origin, but some are of black/white mixed parentage. The house is well kept, but unaccessible to outsiders. The premises are guarded by armed henchmen who shoot first and ask questions later. They don’t have that many neighbors on the area but those that are, don’t generally have nothing bad to say against them. Although they might just be scared or intimidated to silence.


Illustration originally from 2007, but I did a little touching up here and there in 2013.