Nurgle Herald


Herald of Nurgle for my mono-Nurgle Daemons army.



The model is made by the Polish alternative manufacturer Maxmini. It’s a three-part resin model about the size of a common Terminator. In fact I could see usage for the model in a Nurgle-themed CSM army as well.


A simple back shot. The “blood” is Vallejo Water Effects combined with Vallejo Gore Red -paint.
A scale shot to show the size of the model compared to the giant Kromlech Rotten Butcher I featured earlier.

Great Unclean One

This was a joy to paint! This dude will be part of my ever-growing mono-Nurgle daemons army. The army has been on a back burner for some time, but somehow I got the inspiration to paint this.


The miniature in question is manufactured by the Polish company Kromlech ( and goes by the name of Rotting Butcher, but suits quite nicely to the 40K daemons line as a Great Unclean One. Kromlech ran a Christmas sale during Christmas 2013 and I snatched this fellow on a whim … having drooled over it on several occasions earlier. Money well spent.


On the base I used … again … Vallejo’s Brown Earth acrylic resin, drybrushed it once it was dry, put some smoky ink on the crevices and applied a few droplets of liquid clear acrylic resin to represent the moisture of wet mud. I used Vallejo’s Still Water as the liquid resin.


Rust is naturally an ingredient that goes well with this kind of a dude. I used Vallejo’s Oxid Paste which is a thick red acrylic resin paste and can be easily applied with old demolished brushes (that’s why I never throw away worn-up brushes).


I used a heavy dose of Vallejo Water Effects (clear acrylic resin) to get that slimy and moist touch on the areas where skin has been ruptured. I applied perhaps half a dozen thin layers of the stuff all in all. I deliberately applied small dosages on skin areas as well to represent the fact that the demon’s inner moisture drips and oozes as he moves about.


The big dude and some hangaround wannabes to show scale of the model. However since the model is made of resin and not metal, I was able to magnetize it to the base. Both feet are fitted with a 10mm x 6mm magnets and similar ones on the base. This I did because I may want to change the base some day. The magnetic force of the magnets is enough to hold the dude firmly – it can even be held upside down and pushed around without the magnets letting go. I also magnetized the arms, but that was purely to assist on the painting.


A composite image of some of the details. I was pleased with the green/gray color scheme on the armor and will likely be using that later as well since it was easy and fun to make.


Chaos Daemons: Plaguebearers


Chaos Daemons is a more recent Warhammer 40K army for me. I started playing with Daemons in around 2007 or so although I’ve used Plaguebearers and Bloodletters as units with Chaos Space Marines back in the day when they were unit choices in the CSM Codex.

I finished these two babies today. They are the new (plastic kits from 2012) Plaguebearers.

Exposed guts. I added some Vallejo Water Effects gel to form froth around the miniatures' mouth and as slimy ooze on the exposed guts of the belly.
Exposed guts. I added some Vallejo Water Effects gel to form froth around the miniatures’ mouth and as slimy ooze on the exposed guts of the belly.





These two are the first new Plaguebearers I’ve painted. 28 more to go! I have 17 older metallic Plaguebearers already painted up they mix very well with the new designs.