Eliel Jasto, City Guard


Name: Eliel Jasto
Race: Human
Location: Mayhill, Akron

Mayhill, the capital city of the Kingdom of Akron, houses also the king’s castle and is one of the biggest cities in the kingdom. The City Guard of Mayhill comprises of hand picked merited soldiers with a proven track record of loyalty and courage. Eliel Jasto made his merits fighting against the demihuman threat in the Bloodspires area in Witchlight Strand where he was positioned in an outpost along with 45 other soldiers. Eliel is currently stationed in Mayhill and in charge of a five guard team (one of many) responsible for castle and main market safety. While the city guardsmen patrolling the streets and breaking bar fights and whatnot are equipped with lighter armor and are armed with swords, Eliel’s team is equipped similarly to the castle guard teams wearing reinforced gambesons over haubergeons and armed with pole arms which are superior weapons to swords in crowd control situations. In fact it’s not uncommon for Eliel and his team to take over castle guard duties.

Eliel may not be a super soldier fit for the king’s personal guard but he is proficient with many different weapons, acts calmly and rationally under extreme pressure and is very perceptive making him an excellent soldier for the city guard. He is well known as a man who can spot hidden clues even from a distance and subtle nuances in how men behave, speak or dress. He can sniff spies, thieves and other scoundrel even from a thick crowd and has a proven track record of preventing all sort of crime from happening (even an assassination against the city’s mayor!). He is also loyal to the fault and can not be bought off to look the other way but this loyalty has unfortunately resulted also in bad blood within the city guard units as he exposed a ring of thieves – some of which were his fellow guardsmen – stealing from the king’s warehouses and some of them were later hanged as an example.

Eliel has a wife and three children who all live in Mayhill and becomes an ordinary family man while off duty. He likes to fish with his eldest son Scott and couches a team of teenagers in the active sport of karanbach (a team -based ball game) which is a very popular sports game in Mayhill and Akron in general.


Queen of Akron, Lady Emily Erevan


Name: Queen of Akron, Lady Emily Erevan
Race: human
Location: Mayhill, Akron

The young and beautiful wife of King Robin ErevanLady Emily Erevan – is immensely popular and well-liked throughout the kingdom of Akron. Her kind-hearted warmth and  empathy associated with her social sense and unpretentious demeanor have made her a true favorite among the nobility and commoners alike. The kingdom was blessed with a royal marriage only 6 years ago and while no offspring have yet appeared, the royal couple still has time to satisfy the demand for young princesses and princes. The queen comes from a wealthy family of nobles and merchants from Groam and while the marriage was arranged to simply strengthen the teetering and volatile relations between Akron and Groam, the royal couple have actually embraced each other and fallen in love.

Queen Erevan spends most of her time within the confines of Mayhill, but tours the kingdom at regular intervals both alone doing charity work and with the king as his equal. However, while she loves her role as a beloved leader, her attention span is not up to projects that require long-term planning and commitment. Testament to this are dozens of now-abandoned projects around the kingdom – like orphanages, cultural endeavors, non-profit businesses meant to employ poor people and shelters for wounded animals. Anything that eventually would require an annual donation directly from the queen, tends to get forgotten and buried.

The queen is the de facto role model in Mayhill and her words, demeanor and clothing are carefully scrutinized each and every time she steps outside the palace doors. She is well aware of that and enjoys the attention she is getting. Her influence to the matters of the kingdom is quite minimal and thus far she hasn’t shown any interests in the “serious” matters of foreign relations, taxation, upkeeping the armed forces, balancing the kingdom’s treasury or keeping happy the dozens of interest groups of the kingdom. She has, however, some power over the king’s decisions on matters more trivial – up to and including social matters, cultural matters and even those that concern the educational system – because the king simply wants to listen and please his queen.



Mayhill, Capital city of Akron



Mayhill is the capitol city of the Kingdom of Akron. Mayhill houses the king’s seat and is one of the most active trading cities in the kingdom. The city’s population is somewhere in the region of 7500 which makes it one of the biggest population centers in the kingdom. Mayhill is best known for it’s bi-monthly markets that briefly double the city’s population as merchants from all around gather together to buy and sell goods. The harbor of Mayhill is also big being able to accommodate a dozen ships at any given time. The riverhead allows ships much needed safety and the relative peace of the Bay of Akron makes even long stays possible. Mayhill has a standing military of 800 men most of whom are based on the old castle east of the city center. The military men are directly under the king’s control and can be deployed in hours. The men are also responsible for the city’s safety and heavily patrol the city at nighttime making the city rather peaceful and safe for commoners. The patrolling military men have the permission to use deadly force and in fact are rather quick to draw their swords when facing disorderly conduct.