Wywold Sanctum, Renvar Point, Akron


An illustration of a lonely respite by the sea. This particular place is located near the Wywold fishing village facing north towards the open sea of Akron Bay. A place of solitude and meditation Wywold Sanctum has been in near constant use for over three centuries. The sanctum is hard to reach. One would have to travel many kilometres from the nearest village Wywold in harsh rocky marshland in which horses are of no use and pack animals falter. Renvar Point is an inhospitable island at the northernmost tip of land when one has taken a direct north-east course from Wywold through thick woods and marshland.

But still the place has been travelled to by adventurers, common people and royalty alike for legends say that the sanctum is sacred and magical. It is said that whoever comes here for prolonged times of quiet and peaceful meditation and truly repents their doubtful deeds will find spiritual benefits. Old wives’ tales or not, the place will still grant beautiful and serene ocean view for the weary traveller.

The sanctum is not maintained by anyone nor are there any servants to attend to your needs. There are common sleeping rooms capable of housing about a dozen people at any given time and two large meditation chambers; one at the ground level and a smaller one at the second floor with vast thick windows offering a panoramic view of the surroundings. The place is usually rather damp because of the ocean but for some strange reason the entire Renvar Point island is hardly ever windy even if the ocean’s fury is at it’s mightiest just around the next cliffs. This phenomena can not quite be understood even by the hardy fishers of nearby Wywold who have generations of quiet knowledge of the adverse weather conditions of the sea.


Entrance to a Lost Castle


Entrance to a Lost Castle.  This particular castle entrance is from Groam. The jungles of Groam hold in their bowels literally hundreds of old sites and locations of past. Some are now inhabited by creatures of the jungle, but some are home to much more sinister and dangerous dwellers. Much has been said about the legendary pre-Groam civilizations, but actual research is still pretty much nonexistent. Many explorers have dared the jungles in hopes of finding untold riches, but a good number of those have simply vanished never to be heard about again.

Abandoned Castle Entrance


An entrance to a forgotten castle. The deep and moist jungles of Groam contain a vast array of abandoned locations. The jungles have been known to have contained lost civilizations for hundreds of years before the nation of Groam was even born and most of the jungles are still totally unexplored – only nominally belonging to Groam. Groam’s biggest and thickest jungle is north of the huge Lake G’Heb, but locations just as this can be found also on the coasts of Dhaira Bay and southern coasts of Mare Nicasos – even extending to the Wolfooge islands.
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