Miriam Ronvar


2015-09-20A fantasy character illustration for any fantasy -themed role-playing game setting.


Name: Miriam Ronvar
Race: dwarf
Location: Cormael, Inhal Org, Kingdom of Akron

Being a member in one of the leading dwarf clans has it’s perks. Clan Ronvar members have their bed made for them within the dwarven communities but also automatically have a high standing outside traditional dwarven areas.

Miriam is distantly related to the current Count of Gorgehold, Uran Ronvar, Her chosen path in life, however, led her out from Gorgehold as she chose the life of a travelling adventurer instead of a more traditional role. She traveled from Caheb to Argan doing the occasional odd job to sustain herself and joining other adventurers in miscellaneous quests – not all of which she is proud of.

After a decade she returned to Akron but instead of going back to Gorgehold she met a man through an act of fate and settled down with him in Cormael. But life was cruel to her and snatched his beloved away from him only after three years of marriage. Miriam was by then a happy and respected citizen of Cormael and the leading figure of her clan in the city and made a decision stay in the city and call it her home. The clan members of the Clan Ronvar within the city are all under her lead and she has the final say on what activities the clan takes part in. Currently the clan members have a solid piece of the metal goods trade, control at least part of the forges in the city and gain income from quarries by controlling part of the workforce associated with the quarries.

Miriam is a modest and timid-looking stout little woman but has a strong and adamant will matching the best of trained men and she is quite skilled in various aspects of the adventuring life. She makes no noise of herself – unlike a few of her fellow clan members in the city – and keeps quiet on things she has no constructive to add. In the city of Cormael, Miriam now works as a foreman and Quarry Master in charge of the daily operations of one of the stone quarries near the city. Her position of authority is a cause for constant friction between her and human males under her lead but so far she has been able to resolve things admirably. On her spare time she is a frequent patron of the Quiet Dwarf tavern that is – despite it’s name – a rowdy and noisy bar frequented by some of the more … unsavory elements of the city and constantly monitored by the city guard. She happens to live on the same block the tavern is located. While not creating trouble herself she does enjoy the tavern’s rather restless atmosphere and even takes part in bar fights on occasion. She is well known and well liked by the tavern regulars and her wide knowledge of the world she has gathered in a decade of travelling is both admired and respected.

Count Cory Cormagh


Name: Count Cory Cormagh
Race: Human
Location: Cormael, Inhal Org, Akron


A long-time ruler of the county of Inhal Org in Akron. Count Cormagh is a competent and fearsome warrior standing at a formidable height of 190 centimeters and sporting a hefty weight of over 120 kilograms. He is the eldest of current counts in Akron. The count handles most of the county’s affairs himself up to and including dealing with the numerous bandits and brigand warbands harassing the trade routes between Akron, Calishem and Ferria. The three countries are at a peace, but the border areas are notoriously unsafe for various reasons. The lake district south of Cormael is particularly active and houses at least two dozen groups of pirates and bandits – each with dozens of members.

Count Cormagh has grown a wisdom unusual for warrior types and is widely considered a very intelligent and a deeply thoughtful man with profound insight into how the world works and how one could alter it’s workings. His rule is just and even and his lifestyle is respected by his subordinates as he is more alike a common man than a noble man. He prefers asceticism over grandeur and discipline over excess. He drinks and plays jovial games with the common working men in taverns frequented by commoners and he offers a helping hand to build a new shed for local farmers if the situation presents itself. All this does not mean that he somehow loathes his nobility. On the contrary he considers the prime principle of his rule to better understand the obstacles and difficulties the common man encounters in their day to day life.

A competent and fearsome warrior, Count Cormagh never backs down from a confrontation. He personally trains his best men as he believes that he can’t survive if he can’t trust on the skills of those who are supposed to protect him.