Project Genie Vampire Illustration


A character illustration for Vampire: The Masquerade role-playing game setting but probably fitting for many other themes and genres.

Next patient, please!

This vampire, Jonah, calls an old, abandoned and quite secluded lunatic asylum his home. He used to work in the said institution as a janitor in it’s heyday in the 1940’s but after his embrace to the world of darkness he took a little more … um … academic approach. The asylum is a vast, walled institution with half a dozen big buildings to house the patients and staff alike. Now it is in ruins. The decaying monument to the times of yesteryear has been left mostly as it was after one of dormitory burned in 1946 following a somewhat hushed up riot of the populace.

Jonah lives in the asylum for better part of the year but travels extensively claiming to do “research”. The place is, however, never quite abandoned as Jonah isn’t the only vampire calling the derelict dump of decay home.