Sir Welyk Paize


Name: Sir Welyk Paize
Race: Human
Location: border regions of Groam and Zarnova

Formerly a leader of the mercenary group called The Eighteen Griffons, Sir Welyk Paize rose into fame after heroically saving the life of Lady Angelusia Wermander – the daughter to Lord Mortimer Wermander who is the high ambassador of Gruenroth to Groam and one of the chief counselors and a personal friend of the king of Groam. After that incident – which took place about 9 years ago – Sir Paize was recruited to the king’s guard but soon felt this new life was dull and uneventful and that life in the city with it’s comforts was for sissies and wimps. 8 years ago he was relieved of his guard duties and appointed to lead a newly formed military unit called The Emerald Unit. The unit is a first response group of stout warriors sent to deal with marauding undead creatures from the country of Zarnova. The unit operates in the border region of the two countries.

Sir Paize is a true warrior who lives and breathes action, adrenaline and combat. He does have a softer side to him in that he has a beautiful singing voice which he employs on still, cold nights after the duties of the day are over. Sir Paize leads his unit with a fervor and relentlessness but his men are hand picked by him and each and every man has had to prove their worth prior to being baptized in the unit. He enjoys the utmost respect among his men and his unit is well funded and supplied by the king himself who understands that all-out war with Zarnova is not in the best interests of the country but that still brutal force is required to send a message to the controllers of the intruding undead hordes.

Sir Paize is a skilled tactician and a logistical genius apart from being one of the best swordsmen in Groam to ever have existed. Little is known of his past and childhood but it’s needless to say his tough exterior started to grow at a young age.

He has an imposing figure of 190 cm and a rugged, weathered look in his face. His long reddish aubergine hair is a trademark of his and he usually wears his hair free-flowing.


Hargar Ber Marono, Ogre Tribal Leader


Name: Hargar Ber Marono
Race: Ogre
Location: Wild mountain regions between Akron, Caheb and Groam.

The wild mountainous regions between Akron, Caheb and Groam are home to a wide variety of species. Many of which are brutish, violent and inherently dangerous and so the regions have never been claimed by any neighboring “civilized” country.

One of the species claiming the mountains their home is known simply as hill ogres – a misnomer really since many of their kin live in plains as well. Hargar Ber Marono leads a tribe of 80 hill ogres who dwell in areas south of Medon Pass. The tribe in question is semi-nomadic; they settle one area for some months at a time and then move to a different area returning to earlier locales doing cyclical moves between seven or eight camps. So when they abandon a camp, it usually takes at least a couple of years before they return to it. The camps are located roughly at the same elevation points (800-1500 meters from sea level), but span a rectangular region of at least 100 x 20 kilometers.

The ogres raid eagerly whatever they encounter and while their weapons may not be much more than stolen dull swords and broken axes, their fierce attitude and pack-hunting tactics make them quite deadly in deed. The entire tribe with even infants included take part in these raids and their females are not in any way considered lesser or inferior in any aspect of combat although the tribe is traditionally always led by a male ogre.

Trade routes between Akron and Groam using the Medon Pass are regularly targeted by Hargar’s tribe so any bigger convoys and caravans are discouraged to travel the pass without enough guards to be able to defend against the brutes.

Hargar doesn’t bow to anybody and is not a brute to be reasoned with. He considers humans as pesky annoyances but feels some sort of misplaced kinship with dwarves. If any dwarf should approach him with intentions to discuss trade-offs regarding free passage, it is less likely to end up in bloodshed. Although if he judges he has the upper hand, he makes demands completely ludicrous up to and including giving up females to be used as sex slaves by the brutes.

Berthold Wor


Name: Berthold Wor
Race: Human
Location: Groam [Sestos, 6 months a year]

Berthold Wor calls the city of Sestos in Groam as his home.  He has a rather large mansion only a few miles out of the city center in a lush, plentiful, beautiful and serene valley descending into the Mare Ulfor. Descendant of a prominent merchant family Berthold has only embraced lack of means out of his own volition. He has chosen to spend his youth travelling – adventuring – the country looking for challenges for him to beat. He spends around half of each year out of Sestos travelling and the other half tied up with his family’s merchant business arranging contracts, managing caravans etc. While travelling, he chooses to travel alone and in cognito whenever possible and with only limited resources – namely the clothing he wears, some coins to buy food and shelter and his specially made short-bladed sword that can be wielded both one and two handed with ease.

Berthold has a keen sense of right and wrong and he is not afraid to voice his opinion against evil wherever he meets it. He is not one to brag and bolster his achievements and he never ever uses his family’s name to get him out of tight spots.

Berthold’s travels are not just simply aimless wanderings of a young man without a purpose in life. He makes detailed plans of his travels with his father well in advance. The purpose is to use the young man’s itching for adventure to further the merchant family by scouting out both opportunities for lucrative deals and sniffing possible warning signs of competition or outright danger. While not exactly spy, Berthold do make detailed notes of his travels for the sole purpose of advancing his family’s wealth.

Queen of Akron, Lady Emily Erevan


Name: Queen of Akron, Lady Emily Erevan
Race: human
Location: Mayhill, Akron

The young and beautiful wife of King Robin ErevanLady Emily Erevan – is immensely popular and well-liked throughout the kingdom of Akron. Her kind-hearted warmth and  empathy associated with her social sense and unpretentious demeanor have made her a true favorite among the nobility and commoners alike. The kingdom was blessed with a royal marriage only 6 years ago and while no offspring have yet appeared, the royal couple still has time to satisfy the demand for young princesses and princes. The queen comes from a wealthy family of nobles and merchants from Groam and while the marriage was arranged to simply strengthen the teetering and volatile relations between Akron and Groam, the royal couple have actually embraced each other and fallen in love.

Queen Erevan spends most of her time within the confines of Mayhill, but tours the kingdom at regular intervals both alone doing charity work and with the king as his equal. However, while she loves her role as a beloved leader, her attention span is not up to projects that require long-term planning and commitment. Testament to this are dozens of now-abandoned projects around the kingdom – like orphanages, cultural endeavors, non-profit businesses meant to employ poor people and shelters for wounded animals. Anything that eventually would require an annual donation directly from the queen, tends to get forgotten and buried.

The queen is the de facto role model in Mayhill and her words, demeanor and clothing are carefully scrutinized each and every time she steps outside the palace doors. She is well aware of that and enjoys the attention she is getting. Her influence to the matters of the kingdom is quite minimal and thus far she hasn’t shown any interests in the “serious” matters of foreign relations, taxation, upkeeping the armed forces, balancing the kingdom’s treasury or keeping happy the dozens of interest groups of the kingdom. She has, however, some power over the king’s decisions on matters more trivial – up to and including social matters, cultural matters and even those that concern the educational system – because the king simply wants to listen and please his queen.




Groam is a huge feudal kingdom standing in the heart of Cresia. Just a little over half of all land-bound travel routes and goods moved on those routes connecting the north and south areas of Cresia go through Groam. Groam is a diverse and culturally mixed melting pot of nationalities and of races.

General Information

Population: circa 900.00 (85% human, 10% elven, 3% dwarven, 2% others)

Government: ruled by a High King, power is further divided into 16 counties – each ruled by a count.

Current ruler: High King El’yam Theodore Carissus, an elven aristocrat residing in the capitol city Murto.

Religion: Freedom of religion guaranteed by the so called Arias Lus – one of 16 written laws that were created when Groam was first established 900 years earlier. As the population base is quite heterogenic, many religions are openly embraced in the country.

Dominique Atel


Name: Dominique Atel
Race: Human
Location: Udynaesses, Groam

As a pathmage of some reputation, Groam has been a good source of income for Dominique. She has helped countless caravans and small groups in finding their way out of troubled locations or alternately into troubled locations they wish to enter. Dominique settled to Udynaesses a long time ago after a very lucrative job of helping a wealthy, but somewhat mysterious, extended family of some 20 persons to safety away from Udynaesses’ poverty, decadence, violence and corruption. Dominique herself did not flee the city but decided to stay instead.

Since moving to Udynaesses some 20 years earlier, Dominique has specialized in creating and selling all sorts of magical wardings. Her repertoire includes warding stones, warding crystals, warding jewelry and warding clothing items. She is not actively selling her stuff, but instead has a small network of known associates who refer seekers of said items to her. She is also not doing it for the money any more – she has plenty of that to go around already. That fact also gives her justification to refuse certain clients or requests of wardings with a possibly malevolent intent and some other tasks pathmages are sometimes requested to do. Dominique lives in the north side of the city’s centre in a spacious villa abandoned by her former clients. She has further fortified the villa. The villa has about 20 or so residents most of which work for Dominique either as helping hands or apprentices.

Dominique’s warding stones are very popular due to their reliability among certain groups. Local guides, mercenary bands, hunters and such – even the feared crime lord Mercheval Dufien – buy the bulk of Dominique’s warding stones. Stories abound that Dominique’s warding stones against, for example wild animals, work easily a fortnight even if used every night to protect a camping site.

Entrance to a Lost Castle


Entrance to a Lost Castle.  This particular castle entrance is from Groam. The jungles of Groam hold in their bowels literally hundreds of old sites and locations of past. Some are now inhabited by creatures of the jungle, but some are home to much more sinister and dangerous dwellers. Much has been said about the legendary pre-Groam civilizations, but actual research is still pretty much nonexistent. Many explorers have dared the jungles in hopes of finding untold riches, but a good number of those have simply vanished never to be heard about again.

Jaime Castillo


Name: Jaime Castillo
Race: Human
Location: Udynaesses, Groam

15 years as a professional pirate in the high seas taught only one thing to Jaime – that life is cheap, but still worth living. Jaime has spent most of his adult life on board ships of a multitude of shapes and sizes. He started out as a deck hand on a small trade vessel, but wanted a more exciting career and switched over to the side of the piracy before he celebrated his 18th birthday.

Udynaesses – a once bustling, opportunous, international and joyful city almost big enough to be a city state lost a good number of it’s populace to the plague 90 years ago. Then an invasion by Groam and steady decades of decline towards corruption and crime. The last ten years have treated the fallen city relatively kindly and some of the city is now almost functional – albeit corrupt, filthy and diseased, but functional nonetheless. The trade routes are only a fraction of the past glory and while the city is nominally under Groam control, it actually is managed by a self-appointed and tyrannical criminal.

Jaime runs a protection agency now. He has a modern villa in the city center that houses his employees, a small safe house, training grounds and a protected vegetable garden. Many modern buildings in Udynaesses are now designed to be resistant to mob attacks and have facilities with which the occupants can be self-sustained for short periods of time. Jaime’s villa is named Castillo’s Claw and that’s the name of his protection business as well.

Business is now blooming. Crime lords of the city took a severe blow a year ago when a wandering paladin of Aldamar named Augustus von Haedor returned an official court and justice system back into the city. Von Haedor succeeded – with the support of the citizens – to re-establish and rekindle systems that had fled the city long ago. Unfortunately it was a short-lived endeavor and after the paladin went his merry way towards new challenges, the city has struggled under the crime lords again. Many citizens regard von Haedor as the saviour of the city and equally many are trying to work against the newly established rule of law. Needless the say the conflict is still very much active. And they all need protection against each other. A delightful situation for Jaime.

Jaime has 12 regular employees and few more on irregular odd jobs. They work for merchants who refuse to pay “protection money” and they work for crime lords who are squeezing “protection money” from merchants. Essentially Jaime’s business doesn’t take into account what’s morally right and simply lets the highest bidder dictate the “morale of the day”. But they don’t do murders, assassinations, kidnappings nor any sort of active violence that potentially could lead them to the hanging hill of the city. Instead they offer services of protection and only resort to violence if attacked first. Or so they claim. Some disagree.

Jaime Castillo has the charismatic presence of a rebel leader. Even if he has no political ambitions at the moment, he has the potential to become a major player in the city. He is a clever and resourceful pragmatist and quite good at creating social networks around him. He respects hard work and loathes all who he thinks gets things too easily. This applies equally well to lazy city officials pushing papers and to fat crime lords farting at their subordinates to steal them more money. Jaime dislikes the brutal violence with which the city’s biggest crime lord Marcheval Dufien runs the place but as long as the violence isn’t targeting him or his men, he welcomes the added business such violence brings. But in his heart he knows that sooner or later the city runs out of people to kill or the actions of the crime lord turn toward him. Good solutions to the situation, however, are hard to come by…

Maximillian Castillo



Name: Maximillian Castillo
Race: Human
Location: Udynaesses, Groam

Max is a brother to Jaime Castillo, who runs a protection agency in Udynaesses, Groam. Max and Jaime shared a ship in the old days and Max was the first mate whilst Jaime helmed the vessel as a pirate captain (him being the elder of the two). When Jaime ditched the life on the high seas and established his land-based operation, Max declined both his brother’s ideas: that Max would either take command of the ship or that Max would become Jaime’s full partner. Instead Max went into a personal adventuring mode and spent years travelling around doing odd jobs as a sword-for-hire. As a pirate he had amassed quite a hefty bag of gold so he needed not worry about income whilst travelling. Still he did accept the odd job just out of curiosity or because he had made drunken promises, lost bets or because he just wanted to help someone who had provided food or shelter for him with no questions asked.

Now Maximillian is back in Udynaesses with his brother and is partly employed by Jaime’s outfit and partly unemployed. He is without a doubt one of the most experienced men Jaime can rely on. Not only because Maximillian has tremendous combat skills, but also because he speaks several languages he has picked up whilst travelling and is also knowledgeable about different cultures, customs and habits. And to top that, Max has also mastered interesting, useful and highly sought after skills in carpentry, horsemanship, tracking and blacksmithing. Sure, he is no master artisan, but he has more than basic understanding in each.

Unfortunately Max has some serious disadvantages that make him unsuited for many operations. He has great animosity towards gnomes, halflings and dwarves. Even to the degree that he is known to have sabotaged his own job just to cause harm to a dwarven client Jaime and him were helping out. He is also prone to heavy and excessive drinking binges that render him absolutely useless for any job. While drunk, Max doesn’t get violent or abusive as such, but he becomes extremely loud, impatient and exceedingly unfocused. When confronted, he always promises sobriety for a specific mission or an upcoming job, but half the time he either shows up already unfit for duty or if sober, at a whim he may just simply stop and forget whatever he is doing and get wasted at any available joint good enough to serve a drink. Jaime is very careful when using Max because he knows his own brother is a risk and a liability that needs constant management. Whenever there’s a “suitable mission”, Jaime makes sure Max is not left unattended. Usually Jaime puts Zane in charge of Max, but sometimes he himself takes the “babysit shift”.

Abandoned Castle Entrance


An entrance to a forgotten castle. The deep and moist jungles of Groam contain a vast array of abandoned locations. The jungles have been known to have contained lost civilizations for hundreds of years before the nation of Groam was even born and most of the jungles are still totally unexplored – only nominally belonging to Groam. Groam’s biggest and thickest jungle is north of the huge Lake G’Heb, but locations just as this can be found also on the coasts of Dhaira Bay and southern coasts of Mare Nicasos – even extending to the Wolfooge islands.
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