Cultist Spy


A black and white illustration of a cultist spy. Cultist spies are dangerous night lurkers who are looking for any edge that can further their sinister cause and thwart any opposition.

Alpha-mapped PNG file should anyone wish to use the image to illustrate a story, adventure or gaming scenario.





A simple black and white illustration of a traditional fantasy creature – the kobold. When I started playing and game mastering Dungeons & Dragons back in the mid-80’s, the kobolds were described as more canine-like creatures as opposed to today’s kobolds that owe more to lizards than canines. My illustration is trying to be a bit of both combining aspects from canine and lizard forms.

This illustration is designed to be used as graphic resource to liven up written fantasy-themed scenarios or adventures. The image is provided in PNG file format with transparency enabled.


Rogue in the Night

A simple black and white illustration of a female rogue or spy wielding knives. Designed as a filler graphic or spacing element graphic for writers writing fantasy and adventure scenarios for role-playing games. This image is published in PNG format with proper alpha-mapping so it’s easy to use in pages with background color differing from white.

‘Brothers, keep chanting! It’s working!’


A black and white illustration of a group of cultists in a forest clearing trying to summon forth a creature from the abyss. This could easily be used as a page element to liven up a written scenario or adventure.

A scene such as this is most suitable for fantasy -themed setting but I suppose it fits equally well a horror -themed setting. Perhaps a group of players is stumbling upon a scene like this accidentally or perhaps they are desperately trying to prevent the members of this sinister cult to achieve a success in their nocturnal activities.


So … you really didn’t get that horse?

A black and white illustration for any fantasy -themed setting. Alpha-mapped PNG file. This illustration is designed to be used as a filler graphic element to space paragraphs and text. Meant for writers of role-playing game adventures and scenarios who want a little bit of graphics to liven up their text.

All role-playing game masters and players can recall incidents like this: players have gathered all sorts of knick-knacks they think they might need in the immediate future and after the game master points out that they really can’t even walk straight if they intend to carry it all on their backs, the players need to figure out alternate courses of action.