Miriam Ronvar


2015-09-20A fantasy character illustration for any fantasy -themed role-playing game setting.


Name: Miriam Ronvar
Race: dwarf
Location: Cormael, Inhal Org, Kingdom of Akron

Being a member in one of the leading dwarf clans has it’s perks. Clan Ronvar members have their bed made for them within the dwarven communities but also automatically have a high standing outside traditional dwarven areas.

Miriam is distantly related to the current Count of Gorgehold, Uran Ronvar, Her chosen path in life, however, led her out from Gorgehold as she chose the life of a travelling adventurer instead of a more traditional role. She traveled from Caheb to Argan doing the occasional odd job to sustain herself and joining other adventurers in miscellaneous quests – not all of which she is proud of.

After a decade she returned to Akron but instead of going back to Gorgehold she met a man through an act of fate and settled down with him in Cormael. But life was cruel to her and snatched his beloved away from him only after three years of marriage. Miriam was by then a happy and respected citizen of Cormael and the leading figure of her clan in the city and made a decision stay in the city and call it her home. The clan members of the Clan Ronvar within the city are all under her lead and she has the final say on what activities the clan takes part in. Currently the clan members have a solid piece of the metal goods trade, control at least part of the forges in the city and gain income from quarries by controlling part of the workforce associated with the quarries.

Miriam is a modest and timid-looking stout little woman but has a strong and adamant will matching the best of trained men and she is quite skilled in various aspects of the adventuring life. She makes no noise of herself – unlike a few of her fellow clan members in the city – and keeps quiet on things she has no constructive to add. In the city of Cormael, Miriam now works as a foreman and Quarry Master in charge of the daily operations of one of the stone quarries near the city. Her position of authority is a cause for constant friction between her and human males under her lead but so far she has been able to resolve things admirably. On her spare time she is a frequent patron of the Quiet Dwarf tavern that is – despite it’s name – a rowdy and noisy bar frequented by some of the more … unsavory elements of the city and constantly monitored by the city guard. She happens to live on the same block the tavern is located. While not creating trouble herself she does enjoy the tavern’s rather restless atmosphere and even takes part in bar fights on occasion. She is well known and well liked by the tavern regulars and her wide knowledge of the world she has gathered in a decade of travelling is both admired and respected.

Liff Qapar, a desert guide


Name: Liff Qapar
Race: Human
Location: Tyrros, northern Caheb

Miss Qapar is born and raised in the small village of Tyrros to merchant mother and carpenter father both of Groam origins. At a fairly young age she exhibited signs of active telepathy with animals of all sorts and since then with the aid of her parents she has cultivated exceptional magical prowess with which she can charm, beguile, bluff, enrage, communicate and even befriend animals of many different species. She has no other magical abilities or those are suppressed or dormant due to her being “self-taught” as opposed to being trained by a prominent wizard who would have had the means to unlock Liff’s true powers.

Liff is now living her prime years as a desert guide who rents her services to caravans and merchant convoys helping them cross the ocean of sand. She has gotten a lot of training in the merchant life from her – now sadly deceased – mother who roamed the wild dunes for over a decade before Liff was born. She is not very skilled in reading maps or seeking guidance from the night sky but her success in the profession is mostly gained through the use of animals which – according to her – are superior navigators to humans. With her current skill set she can seek advice from even scorpions if desperate enough.

Nowadays she is the leader of a small pack of Kiloui Desert Wolves (that are – despite their common name – in fact more like stout jackals) who accompany her wherever she goes. They perform as her eyes and ears while she is travelling with a caravan or a convoy. While occasionally interested in human companionship as well, she never leaves her little doggies for long and vice versa.

Liff is a somewhat inward person taking the silent route when things do not go her way and loathes being in charge or in limelight. Her usual mode of working is that she takes but one person out of the entire group she is travelling with and almost solely communicates with only that person regarding their whereabouts and estimates of arrivals et cetera. She is capable of communicating like a normal person if another party initiates a conversation but she would never start talking to strangers herself. While en route to destinations she usually scouts ahead with her pack and even when the group is halted for the night she rarely joins the others preferring to set up her own little tent out of the way of others.

Liff does not show off. While she can summon a vulture seen from a distance, she would never do such a thing just to impress others, win a wager or without an actual need to do so. She knows very, very well that the desert is so ruthless a place that there simply is no room for shenanigans.

Xseria, an Owl Hunter


Name: Xseria
Race: Ishak (Northern Elf)
Location: Daelac

A renowned owl hunter from the ishak city state of Daelac, Xseria is also one of the more daring of her race in that she has made several excursions to the south in the lands of Argan trying to learn how the other cultures work. She is also heavily criticized due to this by her own people.

Xseria is an inquisitive and curious person as far as Northern Elves go. Her presence is dominating even for the generally regal looking ishak. Standing at approximately 190 cm tall she also carries her height with distinction and is quite the sight encountered in the wild snow covered wastes of the north. Her trusted owl Fryija is always nearby – and has been for over a decade. Fryija and Xseria share an uncanny bond of trust and respect that can only be achieved through utmost dedication in creating such a bond. Owls as companions are not uncommon for the ishaks but in this case Fryija is no longer a companion – she is an extension of Xseria and vice versa.

Xseria lives in the city state of Daelac and has been for her entire life. In fact she has never visited any other of the dozen or so ishak city states. She has little impact in the daily routines of her city state being but one adventurous citizen albeit an accomplished and envied owl trainer.