Gomorrian Emasculator




Here’s a miniature painted for a friend years ago. The metal parts were done with Miniature Paints’ metallic paint and I gave up using metallics shortly after I painted this. If I’m ever going to revisit old Dark Legion miniatures, the metallic parts need to be remade with NMM techniques. Otherwise this Target Games figure has a damn nice sculpt, very characterful and unique look. This dude fights for the Algeroth forces of Dark Legion.

Angel of Mercy




This miniature was originally released contained within a boxed set of cardboard terrain called Brotherhood Cathedral. Along with this Angel of Mercy miniature the box also contained a Brotherhood miniature named The Visionary. This miniature comes from that boxed set, but later on both miniatures were released as independent blister packs available separately from the box set. Lost in time and space are the odd tubes that were supposed to be fitted on the back of this miniature. However I personally think this miniature looks far better without them being attached which is also the primary reason I’ve never bothered to attach them in the first place. Especially since the addon tubes were just glued onto the miniature and have no visible connection points from which it would be apparent to notice that something is missing. Painted around the time the box set originally became available in 1998. This guy belongs to the Muawijhe faction of the Dark Legion.

Doomsday Proclaimer


A blast from the past! I have a large Dark Legion army and can field each of the DL factions separately if need be. Doomsday Proclaimer belongs to the Muawijhe faction. I have no recollection as to when I painted this but it might have been somewhere around the turn of the millennium. I just dug this up and photographed. It’s been a while since this baby saw the light of day. The logo needs retouching,  though.