Aizu-Shoto Enforcer


Aizu-Shoto Enforcer character illustration for any cyberpunk or Shadowrun setting. Aizu-Shoto is a multinational corporation first introduced in Iron Crown Enterprise’s Cyberspace role-playing game setting.

Enforcers such as this illustrated here are independently operating one-man-powerhouses sent to resolve the most difficult of tasks. Most enforcers are cybernetically enhanced and rigorously trained experts. They are extremely well compensated (to avoid corruption) and their loyalty is proven by years and years in the company service. Aizu-Shoto Enforcers are rarely operating in groups of enforcers. However, a common practice is that they are actually team leaders of lesser operatives. Enforcers are usually given full disclosure on their mission and reasons behind it in order for the enforcer to most effectively reach the desired outcome. Many times the missions they carry out are not simply brutish break-ins and such but complex and structured layers of operations that require careful planning, co-operation, guile, bravado and even humility (often including deliberate “defeats” in order to lull the opposition into a wrong sense of power).