Merchant Ship ‘Raimelho’


Raimelho is the name of a small merchant ship owned by a merchant named Jorge Gel. The home port of the ship is Cuervo Garrac in Ferria.

The ship 

Raimelho is a small, decked cog. It can haul a net maximum of 20 metric tons of cargo in it’s cargo space below deck. However, the cargo room design is impractical having a maximum height of two barrels (about 2 meters) in the middle of the ship’s axis. Some of the cargo room is also out of necessity fitted with hammocks for crew and passengers to sleep in. The original design did not support open sea travelling but coastal mercantilism. The ship’s hull is 16 meters long, 5 meters in width and has a draught of 2 meters. The ship has a set of oars that are used to moor and maneuver in docks as it’s single sail is impractical to this purpose. It has two small longboats that are used to haul the ship from a dock to open sea so it can moor on small ports that don’t offer mooring services. The ship requires only 9 men to operate it.


The ship is most easily reached at it’s home port, Cuervo Garrac. Most common trade routes take the ship to trade ports in Crovascia, Akron and Calishem but if paid enough, the ship can be found to be reaching locations in Tharia or even Crovalia.

Regular and occasional crew members