Katey Wilson – mercenary for hire



A character illustration for Shadowrun (or any other cyberpunk -themed) role-playing game setting.

Katey Wilson is a “for hire” mercenary taking small odd jobs where she can find them. She rarely expresses moral qualms of the missions she’s involved with, but on occasion she turns down lucrative offers based on either the background of whoever is trying to buy her work or based on who are the people she must co-operate with. As a charismatic and seasoned mercenary Katey has an extensive social network of people in the same line of work and she avoids working with known lunatics and macho-pumped beefcakes – who might get the job done but don’t really care about collateral damage or risking their fellow mercs.

Aizu-Shoto Enforcer


Aizu-Shoto Enforcer character illustration for any cyberpunk or Shadowrun setting. Aizu-Shoto is a multinational corporation first introduced in Iron Crown Enterprise’s Cyberspace role-playing game setting.

Enforcers such as this illustrated here are independently operating one-man-powerhouses sent to resolve the most difficult of tasks. Most enforcers are cybernetically enhanced and rigorously trained experts. They are extremely well compensated (to avoid corruption) and their loyalty is proven by years and years in the company service. Aizu-Shoto Enforcers are rarely operating in groups of enforcers. However, a common practice is that they are actually team leaders of lesser operatives. Enforcers are usually given full disclosure on their mission and reasons behind it in order for the enforcer to most effectively reach the desired outcome. Many times the missions they carry out are not simply brutish break-ins and such but complex and structured layers of operations that require careful planning, co-operation, guile, bravado and even humility (often including deliberate “defeats” in order to lull the opposition into a wrong sense of power).


Sebastian LaRoche



A character illustration for the Shadowrun role-playing game setting. Easily fits to any other near future science fiction settings as well.

Sebastian LaRoche is a classic mercenary – he works for the highest bidder and always focuses on the run at hand and his commitment is strictly proportional to the paycheck. You pay him well and he goes the extra mile to get the job done. Sebastian is a level-headed and no-nonsense -type of a guy who never underestimates his opposition, never takes his employer’s word at face value nor advertises his full skill set to even his fellow runners. Those who know him, know that at desperate times Sebastian most certainly has an ace up in his sleeve. Or three.

Ilyana, ex-corporate runner



A character illustration for the Shadowrun role-playing game setting.


Ilyana used to be in a fast response tactical team of the Aizu-Shoto corporation. Her services were no longer needed after an abysmal failure killed half of the team in a routine muscle job. Ilyana was not responsible for the botched mission, but the whole team was fired nevertheless. Understandably Ilyana harbors a grudge against her old employer and refuses any runs associated somehow with Aizu-Shoto – unless Aizu-Shoto happens to be the target of the run.

A tough and disciplined woman, Ilyana lacks the ability of appropriate emotional responses and fails in most social situations although her looks deceive that and forgives her many too much. She is notoriously it and exercises twice a day – even when doing runs. She can outrun most males and rumors say her leg muscles are enhanced and this allows her to reach and maintain inhuman running speeds.