Ethereal dragon


A summoned monster illustration for the Shadowrun role-playing game setting.

Ethereal dragons are spirit-manifestations bending the fabrics of reality. Mostly these things are the results of powerful magics, but sometimes malevolent spirits push through on their own volition in locations where the fabric of reality is weakened for some reason.

Creatures summoned into the corporeal realm of existence may be in an incomplete, shape alternating form with additional limbs, malformations and unusual sized parts. The corporeality enhances while time elapses and in some rare cases the creature can eventually become totally corporeal. The nature of these spirits is extremely volatile, they are essentially hostile to everyone and their behavior is erratic at best and catastrophically unexpected at worst. While the summoning  might prove to be a risky business, one summoned to a strategically important location can be just what the doctor ordered.

Curtis Savage


Curtis Savage is a leader of a nest of ghouls. He has retained much of his intellectual capacity after his transformation to a ghoul. He leads a particularly well organised and large nest that has become a major nuisance to the city. He is cunning and ruthless and whilst he understands what he has become, he has embraced his new existence as a loathsome ghoul with enthusiasm, proudness and vigor. He and his nest are sometimes hired by unsavory people or organisations to do some shady night activities and although he might be a dangerous ally, he is most certainly much more dangerous as an enemy.

A character illustration for the Shadowrun game setting.