Great Unclean One

This was a joy to paint! This dude will be part of my ever-growing mono-Nurgle daemons army. The army has been on a back burner for some time, but somehow I got the inspiration to paint this.


The miniature in question is manufactured by the Polish company Kromlech ( and goes by the name of Rotting Butcher, but suits quite nicely to the 40K daemons line as a Great Unclean One. Kromlech ran a Christmas sale during Christmas 2013 and I snatched this fellow on a whim … having drooled over it on several occasions earlier. Money well spent.


On the base I used … again … Vallejo’s Brown Earth acrylic resin, drybrushed it once it was dry, put some smoky ink on the crevices and applied a few droplets of liquid clear acrylic resin to represent the moisture of wet mud. I used Vallejo’s Still Water as the liquid resin.


Rust is naturally an ingredient that goes well with this kind of a dude. I used Vallejo’s Oxid Paste which is a thick red acrylic resin paste and can be easily applied with old demolished brushes (that’s why I never throw away worn-up brushes).


I used a heavy dose of Vallejo Water Effects (clear acrylic resin) to get that slimy and moist touch on the areas where skin has been ruptured. I applied perhaps half a dozen thin layers of the stuff all in all. I deliberately applied small dosages on skin areas as well to represent the fact that the demon’s inner moisture drips and oozes as he moves about.


The big dude and some hangaround wannabes to show scale of the model. However since the model is made of resin and not metal, I was able to magnetize it to the base. Both feet are fitted with a 10mm x 6mm magnets and similar ones on the base. This I did because I may want to change the base some day. The magnetic force of the magnets is enough to hold the dude firmly – it can even be held upside down and pushed around without the magnets letting go. I also magnetized the arms, but that was purely to assist on the painting.


A composite image of some of the details. I was pleased with the green/gray color scheme on the armor and will likely be using that later as well since it was easy and fun to make.


Papa Nurgle’s Land

Papa Nurgle is happy! The meat mountains are of course separate pieces. A nifty addition would be to devise rules for their slow movement.
This special warp portal terrain piece was created for the one Battle Missions scenario in which Daemons can deploy from a warp portal. Well it was used twice and then came along the 6th edition and it’s scenarios. Serves as difficult terrain now. I made the middle section 12 years ago, but the original terrain piece it was made for is now demolished and I reused the piece on this as it fitted perfectly.
A shot of the slime river. I didn’t want to make it too lumpy so as it can still remain playable. The foam edges have been meticulously melted with a strong solvent. The fumes were probably quite toxic, but the end result is nifty.
A top view of the game board. This game board features around half of the total finished terrain pieces made for this board. I still got an unpainted selection of meat-mountains…

The True Revilers: Land Speeder

A side view of the first Land Speeder of The True Revilers. Kit bashed from Blood Angel kits, IG kits, Chaos kits and of course Land Speeder.
The other side. Typhoon Missile Launcher is magnetized so I can run a vanilla Land Speeder if need be. The hull damage is more extensive on this side.
A rear view showing the engines.
The Multi Melta is from some other vehicle kit and is magnetized. Some other weapon options include Heavy Bolter, Assault Cannon and Heavy Flamers.
A shot of some of the detailing in the cockpit. The gunner’s weapon station is from a Chimera set if I remember correctly. Works nicely here. Apologies for the slightly out of place launcher: the weapons are magnetized and I neglected to rotate the launcher to a correctly aligned position. Then again The True Revilers are not that fussy about angles anyway…
The modified engines are too loud to have a normal conversation. For increased energy usage the thing can sprint in near silence for a few moments.
A shot of the Land Speeder with two Vanguard Veterans in front.

Gaming board (December 2013)




Some terrain pictures from a game played in December 2013 at my home. The game was a 2500 pts game between Space Wolves and Ultramarines and is part of an ongoing campaign of 8 armies belonging to 4 players. I expect we continue to play this campaign well into late 2014.

First some overview pieces of the terrain:





Then some details from the board:





And finally a few atmospheric pictures from the game itself:





The game ended in the glorious victory of the Ultramarines after 5 rounds. In fact Space Wolves player yielded and we did not need to test whether the game would have continued. This was due to the fact that Space Wolves only had 1 objective holder model alive in Ultramarines‘ deployment zone where 3 out o 5 objectives of the game resided. And Ultramarines still had an arsenal of firepower at their disposal – up and including three Dreadnoughts, 20 or so Tactical Marines and 2 Thunderire Cannons.

The True Revilers: Tactical Squad




The True Revilers are a splinter group of the Revilers which is a successor chapter of a second founding chapter Raven Guard. I’m planning to play this chapter as Raven Guard. The True Revilers have been apart from their founding chapter hundreds of years and have been influenced by the powers of Chaos. Once the chapter was to be united with the founding chapter, they were rejected as their ways were no longer acceptable by the Revilers. Since then they have adopted the use of the name “The True Revilers” as they believe that the Revilers themselves are the ones that have changed and thus should not go by that name anymore.

The influence of Chaos is visually apparent, but their ranks do not include demonic beasts, questionable princes or lords of chaos. It is unknown what Chaos God has extended their influence to this chapter, but witness testimonies often cite the Khorne’s iconography has been sighted adorned on them.

All the miniatures of this tactical squad have magnetized weapon arms (including the bolt gun hands) and magnetized back packs. This eases transportation and most importantly allow weapon exchanges and visual changes. Also I can use the same torsos I I want to use Vanguard Veterans with jump packs or even to use Assault Marines (which at the moment I really don’t).

Tyranid Big Brothers

Here’s a family portrait of some of the big boys Tyranids have to offer. In the picture we have two Trygon Primes, Hive Tyrant and Swarmlord.



Tyranids have always been *THE* 40K army to me. As a result I’ve amassed quite an army of these over the years. Actually the army totals over 20k+ points (approximation using the 5th edition era Codex). My hive fleet color scheme started to shape around when the millennia changed, but as I’m a slow painter, I’ve still not finished much of them.

Here’s a detail shot of the critters:




And another shot that portrays the Trygons and their lesser brethren, the Hormagaunts!


Miniatures gaming terrain

And now for some miniatures gaming terrain of mine.  I’ve been building miniatures gaming terrain since … well … early 1990’s. And still after all these years I find building new things exceedingly captivating and motivating. For the past few years I’ve built one terrain board every spring and my latest project this year is this board on these pictures. It’s a simple and classic grass/mud terrain board with inlaid little ponds. The ponds are still waiting for a coating of Vallejo’s Water Effects and Vallejo’s Still Water clear acrylic resins, but other than that the board itself is finished.


Shot from above of a board we used last weekend while playing a game of Warhammer 40K (2500pts Necrons vs 2500pts Tyranids … after a surprisingly interesting and brutal game lasting 6 hours Necrons finally bowed and admitted defeat at the end of turn 6 with a score of 6-7 for the Tyranids). I didn’t bother to make a battle report of the game since half of the forces were unpainted or primed only.


The industrial ruin pieces of the game board were built something like 10 years ago, but I upgraded their appearance to fit the terrain theme of this board. Good pieces that have served well for yeas and hopefully will see many games in the coming years as well. The pieces with woods I built earlier this year just for this project. I actually made 8 such pieces, but only 2 pieces fit this board. The stones in the middle piece are likewise old terrain pieces refitted to a new theme. I made a bunch of those stones near the change of millennium and they have been very usable and versatile. I have some materials left to make some more wooded stone-riddled pieces, but I don’t know if I bother because I don’t really any more of them at the moment.


Industrial ruin with a still operational generator! Or something. Perhaps I will add some spillage near the waste barrels, but that’s about the only thing left to do. The toxic pond is unfortunately unclear on this picture, but it was made using a color laser print of a toxic texture and I simply applied an inch of an industrial strength glue on top of it and while the glue was setting I gently poked it stirred it to create an uneven and bubbling surface – worked like a charm except the glue nearly melted away the foam from the edges even after I had applied an ample coating of protection on it!


A center-piece sized cathedral ruins are still very much a work-in-progress and as far as the painting and weathering goes I don’t think I’ll be hurrying it … it’s a daunting prospect considering the size of the piece (2 feet x 2 feet). But then again … what’s the rush anyway?

Gomorrian Emasculator




Here’s a miniature painted for a friend years ago. The metal parts were done with Miniature Paints’ metallic paint and I gave up using metallics shortly after I painted this. If I’m ever going to revisit old Dark Legion miniatures, the metallic parts need to be remade with NMM techniques. Otherwise this Target Games figure has a damn nice sculpt, very characterful and unique look. This dude fights for the Algeroth forces of Dark Legion.

Space Wolf Terminator with an Assault Cannon



Wolf Guard member in Terminator armor. I have 50+ terminators for a Loganwing Terminator army. Most of them are from Rogue Trader era and Warhammer 2nd Edition era, but around dozen are these new plastic ones. I have failed miserably with using decals so decided to paint company markings (the black wolf silhouette on white moon; Logan Grimnar’s Wolf Company)  by hand.