Archmage Chalcumus


Name: Archmage Chalcumus
Race: Human
Location: Macul, Myrna

The legends will tell you that Chalcumus is much older than 300 years but even if that is not a true statement, this wise old man has still certainly seen his fair share of years. He is the most recent Archmage in the council of 12 archmages that rule Myrna and has been on the council now for a little short of a decade. He has apprenticed under Archmage Chenius and Archmage T’Ren both of whom influenced his selection to the council.

Chalcumus is of Groam origin and has a noble lineage of noteworthy persons traceable all the way to year 0 and beyond. His extensive magical aptitude came as no surprise to his parents as both of them and his fathers’ both parents were gifted with the ability to manipulate magical energies. His parents nurtured his abilities and cultivated them starting from his days on the cradle and thus he was a competent wielder of many magical arts already at the tender age of 8 when their family moved from Groam to Myrna following his father’s appointment as Elder Custodian in Penachloss – a prestigious school of the magical arts for specially gifted youngsters. Chalcumus was naturally signed up for the school as well and at the age of 16 he graduated from Penachloss with highest grades in the history of the school.

Chalcumus masters several magical disciplines but his ability as a summoner reaches unprecedented levels and while he is certainly not the most powerful magic user in Myrna – let alone Cresia – his mastery in summoning magic is unparalleled. He is always accompanied by two highly intelligent and peculiar small flying creatures of unidentifiable species. They have learned the languages of men and can speak to others with an odd, high-pitched croaking voice. These creatures named Trel and C’Hel willfully entered this realm of existence around 30 years ago as they were curious about Chalcumus and subsequently after befriending the mage become his companions. They are not controlled by Chalcumus and apparently have free will to act as they wish but so far they have been quite happy to stick with Chalcumus and help him in whatever he wants done. It’s not certain if they somehow boost the Archmages’ abilities but they are quite powerful mana wielders on their own right as well.

As a person Chalcumus is mellow and considerate but stern. He always tries to see things from other people’s perspective and doesn’t judge anyone too hastily or without due consideration. Some even say he is too lenient when it comes to acting as a ruler.

Archmage Chalcumus lives among the common people in the city of Macul in a spacious house that is in dire need of repairs. As an Archmage he also rules over the region but has left the day to day chores of governing to two of his current apprentices Micaneus and Awalone.  It’s quite common to see him in the town market buying his groceries just as a regular person or helping the blind old woman next door in locating her missing cat yet again. He is quite justly seen as the wise old man of the city.


Thurn Eibor


Name: Thurn Eibor
Race: Human
Location: Ferria

While in general the people of Ferria are not particularly understanding of magical wielding wizards and favour the scientific and mechanical pioneers much more, they do tolerate the existence of magic and practitioners of magical arts in their realm. Especially if the wielders are upfront and open about their abilities and do not use subtle trickery to manipulate the world.

At the age of six, Thurn Eibor was already a potent practitioner of raw manifestations of magical energy and his uncle realized that the boy was a rarity in Ferria and that he needed guidance and tutoring to handle and cultivate his abilities. His own family didn’t extend his uncle’s understanding and would have rather sought out means to suppress the boy’s abilities. His uncle and his father came into understanding after an unfortunate accident when Thurn accidentally burnt down their barn while unsuccessfully practising harnessing his abilities. The uncle and Thurn started a long journey to the fabled lands of Myrna where they hoped Thurn would find help in mastering his talents. Some months later in Myrna Thurn’s uncle did find a willing mentor and Thurn entered the service of a renowned wizard Chalcumus only at the age of 8 being the youngest pupil he had ever taught.

Fast forward ten years and Thurn and his uncle returned to Ferria and the timid boy had developed to a mighty magician able to manipulate forces way beyond the comprehension of the commoner.

Nowadays Thurn is well known in Ferria and particularly liked because of his mastery of elemental magic – a form of tangible and easy-to-grasp magic with a visual appeal as well. The are not many magicians in Ferria and thus it has been easy for Thurn to make a living hiring his talents to actual labour and entertainment alike. He mostly works in the bigger cities and towns where the attitudes towards his abilities are a little big better tolerated than in the countryside.

Thurn is a talkative and witty person with a cultivated aura of confidence and reassuring presence. Boosted with convincing, clear and audible voice he is surely a crowd-pleaser if there ever was one. But in Ferria his lack of education on matters technical and scientific is a clear disadvantage and a reason he has never held any important position within Ferria and is likely never going to be offered one either no matter his expertise in matters magical.



Rat Shapechanger


The island of Myrna is the center of magical studies and magic in Cresia. Sorcerers from Myrna are without comparison in skill and in variety of magical disciplines. The reasons for this is that the island itself is a center area of magical power in Cresia. The southern areas of Caheb are similarly affected by residual magical power, but in Caheb the manifestations of this power are different, volatile, seasonally amplified and with an apparently evil streak.

The Rat Shapechangers of Caheb are just one manifestation of the powers at work. They are solely found in remote areas of southern Caheb where the mountains lower to the sea. The initial shapechanging process is unknown and mostly affects only inhabitants of smaller villages who have spent their entire lives there. In some areas fishing and farming communities may suffer even a 10% population loss due to their people turning into shapechangers. Some of the shapechangers live among their families, but most become too violent and irrational to be tolerated as part of their former community. They are rarely killed and usually just banished from their homes to live a life of solitary vagrancy. Some form packs of shapechangers that loot and pillage.