Count Uran Ronvar



Name: Count Uran Ronvar
Race: dwarf
Location: Gorge, Gorgehold, Akron

Uran is the leader of Clan Ronvar and also the count of Gorgehold covering a good 15% of the whole kingdom including the cities of GorgePatas and Medon. All of which have mountains in close proximity and several dwarven clans. Most of the dwarven population in Akron is centered in Gorgehold and while the overall numbers are tiny compared to humans in the kingdom, at least in the city of Gorge dwarves are in the majority.

Uran Ronvar used to be a miner himself born of a clan of successful  iron ore miners. Ronvar, however, struck gold – so to speak – a century earlier when he took control of the clan’s affairs are cut of all the middlemen from trading. He created an infrastructure chain that encompasses land acquisition, mining operations, purification of the raw ore, production of iron ingots, production of steel ingots and steady trading routes to Ferria and Calishem alike. It took decades to establish all this, but once there, the Ronvar clan started accumulating wealth and power. Uran Ronvar directed his clan towards strict quality standards and steady supply and in essence managed to create a still lasting reputation of quality and stability to his clan’s work. Now all the finest and most expensive weapons and armor in the world are made of Ronvar steel.

Uran took control of Gorgehold 20 years ago after a bloody confrontation between three rivaling clans each trying to become the top dog in Gorgehold. Ronvars emerged as the winner and in the process annihilated – to the last man – the now extinct clan of Gorgebear. Akron’s other counties and the king accepted Uran Ronvar and while the violence was at times nearing civil war level, they were reluctant to take sides in knowing that dwarven clans neverever forget who takes which side! The years after that tumultuos time have been kind to all residents of the county  and Uran has made it abundantly clear that he shares the wealth of the county to each and every one that co-operates with his clan’s ambitions. Not much resistance exists now and Gorgehold under Uran Ronvar’s rule is a peaceful and wealthy county.