Michael “Big Mike” Collins – Dockworker


A character illustration for the 1920’s era Call of the Cthulhu role-playing game setting. Perhaps his burly stature and experience in heavy lifting is needed by other investigators on their way to revealing ancient secrets or perhaps Big Mike has himself seen something he ought not to while unloading the barque Miskatonic after it’s recent explorational journey to the Antarctic.

Also part of my Through the Ages series of illustrations where a single character is depicted in several different settings.

Cthulhu Wars miniatures

Some new miniature paint jobs for the Cthulhu Wars board game.

Hastur itself for the Hastur faction. I chose to use green lizard -like eyes for this faction to enhance the faction’s sense of alienness to human mind.


Acolytes for the Hastur faction. I chose to use the same purple on the acolytes as I used on the Hastur beings throat and gums to tie in the faction with colours.hastur_acolytes

Ithaqua for the Windwalker faction. The faction thrives on cold weather and ice so I chose to manifest this by using ample amounts of fake snow and ice crystal effects on the faction’s miniatures and bases. windwalker_ithaqua

Acolytes for the Windwalker faction.


Acolytes for the Opener of the Way faction.



The only earlier miniature paint work for the Cthulhu Wars board game were the Great Old Ones of Cthulhu and Shub-Niggurath presented on the miniature painting page.