Beslan the White, Leader of the Red Hoofs

A fantasy character illustration of a combat-oriented centaur character for any fantasy-themed role-playing game setting.

Beslan The White is a leader of a band of centaurs named The Red Hoof Centaurs positioned in the Red Hoof forest very near Irontown in Northern Groam. Their goal is to put pressure on the nearby dwarf clans so that the little bearded people know that centaur tribes of Northern Groam need to be taken seriously. Beslan is a double rarity among the centaurs. Firstly he is an albino centaur and secondly he is an albino centaur who has been able to gain power in his tribe. Centaurs themselves estimate that only about a total of 20 albino centaurs are alive today and every one of them was born on the same location in a small mana-infused centaur village of Meres. Many of the albinos are outcasts living as hermits but a few have had enough confidence and health to advance in their tribe. Beslan has had the advantage of fiercely colored hair and mane which has had a great impact on the Red Hoofs accepting him as one of their own.

Beslan is utterly devoted and takes his duties very seriously. He is not likely to bail out on even the toughest of situations and a few of his underlings have gained courage and sheer fierceness just by serving under him. His devotion is one of the reasons he has been positioned where he is now. Centaur tribal elders know that they need centaurs like Beslan to keep the dwarves from expanding their presence. Beslan’s pack is comprised of 12 male centaurs all of whom are trained as light cavalry soldiers. They are rarely all located in one place, though. Their travelling speed makes it easy for the centaur packs to separate into smaller patrolling units and later on gather together for briefing and debriefing. The unit is mostly just there to maintain a presence just on the outskirts of dwarven territory and one of their orders is to actually let the dwarves know they are there – by any means necessary although there exists some agreements between the dwarf tribes and the centaurs concerning some territories.

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