Misha Malinca


A character illustration for the Shadowrun role-playing game setting.

Misha Malinca is a licensed cybersecurity professional. Or more precisely … she used to be. She lost her license after her involvment was suspected in connection with a serious heist a few years back.  A considerably expensive set of blueprints were stolen from a highly secure vault belonging to Deelon Securities Corporation resulting in the cessation of business for the said corporation which was then later acquired by Aizu-Shoto Megacorporation for pennies of it’s former worth.

Misha has considerable knowledge of high security systems. She knows how to circumvent some of them, how to disable others, how to break into yet others and most importantly what systems are beyond her ability not to even bother. As it happens, she works with several crews associated with Aizu-Shoto’s affiliates doing security planning, security analysis, security testing and the occasional heist.

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