Movie illustrations: Gina Carano


Human blood, organs, bone marrow, fingers, hands, eyes, skin and even the hard to describe life essence. These are things that mad doctors, vampires, mummies, and such covet to either prolong their own existence, gain more powers or just to simply sell them to highest bidder. Perhaps hard to imagine but most modern organ harvesting movies have a lot in common with the old Dracula films in that in most cases there’s a rich and powerful individual taking by force what is rightfully not theirs in the first place (even if they themselves are delusional enough to believe that).

John Stockwell’s In the Blood (2014) is a prime example of an organ harvesting movie. In the movie Ava (Gina Carano) and Derek (Cam Gigandet) are honeymooning in a paradise island somewhere not far from Puerto Rico and having the time of their life when things take a bad turn in the form of an accident resulting in Derek being taken away by an ambulance never to be seen again. Carano’s powerful punches and mean kicks are truly needed when Ava begins her descent into the dark underbelly of the island in a desperate journey to find her husband. The pictoresque island has it’s bad neighborhoods and mean criminal lords hell bent to prevent her from finding out the truth. A pretty standard thrill ride in scenario but carried out well enough by Carano’s impressive arsenal of mayhem.

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