Jor’eh Baravia


Name: Jo’reh Baravia
Race: human
Location: Udynaesses, Groam

Jo’reh is of Groam descendance and his family has lived in the city since Groam invaded it 80 years ago. Jo’Reh’s grandfather was a high ranking official in the invading army and unlike many of his brethren he was spared from the plague that had swept over the region. After things had settled he took a local woman as his wife and settled down in the city acting as the Groam appointed commandant of what remained of the war and plague torn city.

Since those days the house Baravia’s members have had an important role in the city affairs. The family is financially backed-up by Groam and in exchange it is expected that they guard the kingdom’s interests in the city. The family mansion is located in the south central of the city and it is without a doubt one of the best protected and luxurious mansions still remaining standing. It once belonged to a well established Caheb merchant family but as Groam took over the city the original owners were forced to flee the city in fear of summary executions.

Jo’reh is now the head of the family and has three sons and three daughters raised to promote the values of Groam superiority over Caheb – despite the fact that there is distinct and strong Caheb bloodline merged with their own bloodline. The family has a strong standing in the city but their supporters are outnumbered by their haters. However, their haters have far less resources at their disposal than their supporters and because they are officially under the protection of the Kingdom of Groam they also enjoy the benefits of being on the side who has more of a military presence in the city.

Jo’reh is a ruthless man when it comes to … well pretty much everything. He himself considers his ruthlessness a virtue that is needed to stay alive in this filthy cesspool of human savagery and crime that others call Udynaesses. He probably quite likes to see it when his offspring show signs of the same ruthlessness. The family is one of the wealthiest in Udynaesses and nowadays the family gains income by “protecting” the common merchants in exchange for protection money. The merchants selling goods in the main market of the city are pretty much all paying to the Baravia family. The Baravias then pay to the Groam -appointed garrison commander Remnor Galant who in turn make sure that there are soldiers protecting the merchants come market hours. Needless to say, those who do not pay meet with “accidents” that could ruin their entire businesses. Also needless to say, most merchants would more much prefer NOT to pay.





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