Barnabbas Sedeven


Name: Barnabbas Sedeven
Race: human
Location: Gruenwald, Gruenroth

Well … not every great warrior dies in glorious bloodshed at the hands of their enemy. Some only get gravely wounded in the constant mayhem that is battle. Barnabbas joined the Gruenroth’s eastern army at the age of 12 as a cook’s assistant and subsequently held a number of non-combat positions for a few years all the while using his spare time training in order to some day qualify as an actual soldier. He admired the battle-hardened veterans and eagerly observed their behavior. When he turned 16 he was able to join the army. He did not handle the transition from a non-combat unit to actual combat unit that well once he realized that the men he had admired years before did not fulfill his unrealistic and romanticized expectations of them. But he didn’t quit.

The battle of Raiven Valley was a turning point in his career. His unit was all but obliterated in a siege situation when another detachment broke the siege and rescued the ones still alive. That’s when he met Temur Soxion who was leading the detachment. His unit was subsequently disbanded and he joined Soxion’s unit where he stayed for years and rose in rank. Temur had taken a special interest in him, personally trained with him and gradually they become good friends. Years went by and when Temur finally rose to become the commanding general of the army, Barnabbas was appointed to lead a detachment. His first mission was to re-establish an important mine after it was looted by a gang of marauding monsters. Unfortunately the mission went awry and Barnabbas was gravely wounded by a collapsing heavy wooden support beam during a fight in one of the tunnels of the mine.

A period of recuperation returned him to life but it was obvious he would never be able to be join a battle anymore. He no longer possessed full control of his limbs and lacked the fine motor skills needed from a professional soldier. His infrequent attacks of amnesia, stuttering and seizures made him unfit for a support or administrative role as well. His friend Temur Soxion, however, asked for a personal favor from the king himself and a year after the injury Barnabbas found himself managing the stables of the king’s palace in Gruenwald.

Barnabbas is not bitter of his fate. Except when he’s drunk. Over the years he has become friends with the king, his family and the staff of the palace and won respect as a capable stable master. Somehow even the big warhorses accept this solemn cripple as their master and in return Barnabbas treats the horses with equal acceptance. He is often accompanied by Ramien, a white dog found as a shriveling and miserable puppy near the body of an ice elf in the north. Barnabbas healed the poor thing and nursed it to adulthood but like Barnabbas, the dog is not quite well in the head and suffers infrequent odd seizures leaving it unfit for guard duty. Barnabbas still keeps the dog as a companion and they have formed a special bond of kindred spirits.


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