Movie illustrations: Jamie Lee Curtis


Some actors and directors see horror movies not as real movies but use them only as stepping stones to get their asses into other genres. This dispassion invariably shows in the end product. But then again some other actors and directors regard horror not only as a noteworthy genre on it’s own but also one that is damned hard to master. From those latter actors and directors come the genre favorites, cult films and films that just might get their own chapters in future books detailing the history of horror films.

Visual effects specialist John Bruno tried his directorial wings in the film Virus (1999) and for some reason got a massive budget of tens of millions of dollars to spend on it. He never returned to direct another movie after the movie was absolutely crushed by negative reviews and flopped big time earning only a fraction of it’s costs. While Bruno’s Virus isn’t going to get it’s own chapter in future film history books, it’s way better than how it got treated back then.

Jamie Lee Curtis is, of course, one of those actresses that have returned to the horror movie genre voluntarily even after making big splashes in other genres. Everyone even somewhat distantly acquainted with the horror film genre can not deny Jamie Lee Curtis’ strong roles and importance within the genre and spanning several decades to boot. Illustrated here is Jamie Lee Curtis in John Bruno’s Virus where she played the role of Kelly Foster – a member of a ship crew that stumble upon a seemingly abandoned Russian cargo ship in the high seas and bit by bit learn the horrific secrets of the ship. I personally really think it’s way underrated nowadays and while it has it’s fair share of problems, it still is an exciting horror/science fiction hybrid.


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