Movie illustrations: Barbara Anne Constable



Well. Some movies are deemed to gain a cult following due to their nutty levels of insanity put on screen.  H. Tjut Djalil -helmed (who also makes a cameo on the film) Indonesian exploitation classic Lady Terminator (1989) is surely one such film. The script is completely bonkers and this, combined with the outrageous 80’s trash aesthetics the film is just mind blowing. Surely not meant for the serious film critics adoring actual film art (and who bow to such names as von Trier or Fellini) out there but if you have a tendency to laugh at trashy movies (a number of them are made to be had good time with, mind you!) and have a few beers to spare … go for it! 

Illustrated here is the Lady Terminator’s main character Tania played by the Australian dancer/model/choreographer Barbara Anne Constable to exhilarating levels. 


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