2 thoughts on “Cthulhu Wars miniatures

  1. Thank you!

    Cthulhu was painted with a grey primer spray (base) and regular green spray. I then applied a tiny amount of matt varnish to make the surface more receptive to paints and pigments. I drybrushed with Citadel’s Yellow Moon, painted with Citadel’s Emerald Green (these are very old Citadel paints; I don’t know if there are modern equivalents), washed with Vallejo Green Wash, then painted highlights again with a mix of Yellow Moon/Emerald Green. Used Vallejo’s Chrome Oxide Green pigment to smooth things out and AK Interactive’s Black pigment to create the deep shadows. The green slime on the stone base is from heavily applying AK Interactive’s Slimy Grime enamel paint and the figure looks “wet” because I applied healthy dosages of both Vallejo Water Effects and Vallejo Still Water on the model with a brush. 4 hours total.

    Shub was primed with rusty red primer (Maston Red Primer) spray and grey primer spray (base and hoofs). I then spray painted the tentacles with regular orange and yellow sprays (with the so called “drive-by -painting” .-technique). Highlighted the primed model directly with a mix of AK Interactive Yellow Base, Vallejo Blood Red and AK Interactive Yellow Highlight. I then used pigments: two different red pigments by MiG, Brick Dust pigment by Kromlech and a red pigment with an unknown brand (I got it from a local soap manufacturer). I then tenderly shadowed with Vallejo Smoky Ink, painted the teeth and hoofs and then pigmented with Vallejo Burnt Umber and AK Interactive Black pigment (very heavily on the belly area). 3-4 hours total.

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