Xseria, an Owl Hunter


Name: Xseria
Race: Ishak (Northern Elf)
Location: Daelac

A renowned owl hunter from the ishak city state of Daelac, Xseria is also one of the more daring of her race in that she has made several excursions to the south in the lands of Argan trying to learn how the other cultures work. She is also heavily criticized due to this by her own people.

Xseria is an inquisitive and curious person as far as Northern Elves go. Her presence is dominating even for the generally regal looking ishak. Standing at approximately 190 cm tall she also carries her height with distinction and is quite the sight encountered in the wild snow covered wastes of the north. Her trusted owl Fryija is always nearby – and has been for over a decade. Fryija and Xseria share an uncanny bond of trust and respect that can only be achieved through utmost dedication in creating such a bond. Owls as companions are not uncommon for the ishaks but in this case Fryija is no longer a companion – she is an extension of Xseria and vice versa.

Xseria lives in the city state of Daelac and has been for her entire life. In fact she has never visited any other of the dozen or so ishak city states. She has little impact in the daily routines of her city state being but one adventurous citizen albeit an accomplished and envied owl trainer.

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