Telos Malkumar


Name: Telos Malkumar
Race: human
Location: Callistra, Calishem

Leader of caravan guards for one of the most important trade princes in Calishem: Hal B’gohd. It is Telos’ duty to keep trade caravans out of robbers’ hands. He regularly accompanies the most dangerous desert routes (or the caravans with highly valuable cargo). A trusted man of the trade prince, Telos defines the word “loyal” and does not give in to ultimatums, bribery or blackmail. He also expects the same from those under his command and ruthlessly executes any and all who violate their loyalty to the caravan owner – no matter if the target is a child, woman or elderly. He reckons that this is vital to staying alive during dangerous journeys across the desert.

Malkumar was born in the city of Callistra and holds that city in a position of reverence. He clearly despises living in anywhere else and often wonders aloud why anyone chooses to not live in Callistra. He entered the trade prince’s duty on his 14th birthday and has remained there for 20 years climbing slowly to his current position – which is indeed one of the most important positions in the entire operation. He has also invested in the operation setting aside hefty sums and letting Hal do his magic trading and thus increasing his wealth on the side. Although this practice has given him sizable monetary assets, he keeps continuing his work out of sheer love for what he’s doing.

He is a man who takes any and all duties to heart although he does know how to relax and goof around provided all the work has been done. A talented singer, Telos has also memorized a number of old legends that used to be sung in the olden days but more commonly recited as poems nowadays. It’s not uncommon for Telos to charm his fellow travelers with his singing on cold desert nights just prior to when it would be time to retire after a hard day’s work.

Telos is strategically quite competent and has a cunning mind when it comes to carrying out his duties as the chief of guards. He thinks ahead and is usually prepared to even unexpected events in the desert. A quiet and stealthy combatant he has a special ability to join the sands like a scorpion waiting for prey.

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