Barracus Inctal, a boatswain


Name: Barracus Inctal
Race: Human
Location: Cuervo Garrac, Ferria

Barracus is a trusted crew member (boatswain in charge of the cargo room) of the merchant ship Raimelho. He has been a crew member in the ship for a few years now and has gained the trust of the ship’s captain and owner Jorge Gel.

Barracus is a typical person of southern Ferrian descent. His upbringing has taught him modesty, respect of life and harmony. As a man he is quiet and his demeanor is modest. He is erroneously considered to be extremely shy by those who do not know him. He just keeps his opinions to himself and works hard instead. He is the kind of person who makes things happen instead of constant bitching.

Barracus is an orphan and has no siblings that he is aware. He moved to Cuervo Garrac with his uncle ten years ago but after his uncle perished from a terminal illness he has been living alone near the dock area of the city. He met his future employer Jorge Gel by accident and Gel was at the time looking for a few able men to man his next voyage. A deal was struck to see how Barracus would fare at sea and he’s been a regular member of Gel’s crew since that day.

As a boatswain it is Barracus’ responsibility to not only make sure that the cargo is loaded and unloaded properly but also to make sure that the goods are secure during the voyage and that the goods arrive as promised to whatever destination they’re heading. When it comes to the space below main deck (ie. the cargo hold), Barracus gives the orders. He has not been able to gather much with respect to personal assets as he commonly gambles and drinks his salary as soon as he gets it. Being a boatswain is a life that suits him just fine making him content and thankful – even happy with how things have turned out.

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