Lady Melia Sur-Romano, Countess of Wywold



Name: Lady Melia Sur-Romano, Countess of Wywold
Race: Human
Location: Wywold, Akron

The wife of count Roberto Romano, current ruler of the small county of Wywold in Akron. Lady Melia is of Wywold origin herself and has been married to Roberto for 8 years. Lady Melia is originally from a small fishing village named Altenwold near the border of Akron and Ferria. She served as a cook for Roberto during Roberto’s initiation ritual when he was appointed the Count of Wywold by the king. Roberto was so taken with the excellent food prepared by Melia that he summoned the cooks in the dining hall and applauded them. She was soon selected as Roberto’s personal chef and they were married two years later.

She was already adept at using knifes, fishing hooks, tridents and such from her teen years. She wished to become as fearsome combatant as her mate and after some rather loud confrontations with her husband, they came to an agreement: she will get receive the best training available in Wywold in exchange for preparing meals for Roberto every three days. A deal was struck and years and years later Lady Melia still prepares her husband a meal every three days and has become one of the most adept combatants in the county. Their deal is well known in the county and oftentimes the people of Wywold make jokes about doing something every third day.

She is a balancing factor to Roberto as well. His harsh and stern style of ruling is mellowed down and smoothed by Lady Melia. While she is not an easy lady to deal with, she does understand that uncalled for or excessive harshness is counter productive. Lady Melia is currently herself teaching the art of swordmanship in the castle courtyard one day a week. While technically competent, agile and well-equipped, she severely lacks one of  the basic training of true warriors – facing death during actual combat.

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