Berthold Wor


Name: Berthold Wor
Race: Human
Location: Groam [Sestos, 6 months a year]

Berthold Wor calls the city of Sestos in Groam as his home.  He has a rather large mansion only a few miles out of the city center in a lush, plentiful, beautiful and serene valley descending into the Mare Ulfor. Descendant of a prominent merchant family Berthold has only embraced lack of means out of his own volition. He has chosen to spend his youth travelling – adventuring – the country looking for challenges for him to beat. He spends around half of each year out of Sestos travelling and the other half tied up with his family’s merchant business arranging contracts, managing caravans etc. While travelling, he chooses to travel alone and in cognito whenever possible and with only limited resources – namely the clothing he wears, some coins to buy food and shelter and his specially made short-bladed sword that can be wielded both one and two handed with ease.

Berthold has a keen sense of right and wrong and he is not afraid to voice his opinion against evil wherever he meets it. He is not one to brag and bolster his achievements and he never ever uses his family’s name to get him out of tight spots.

Berthold’s travels are not just simply aimless wanderings of a young man without a purpose in life. He makes detailed plans of his travels with his father well in advance. The purpose is to use the young man’s itching for adventure to further the merchant family by scouting out both opportunities for lucrative deals and sniffing possible warning signs of competition or outright danger. While not exactly spy, Berthold do make detailed notes of his travels for the sole purpose of advancing his family’s wealth.

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