World Eaters Land Raider – The Taxi of Kharn the Betrayer

This time a little bit something for the Chaos forces. This is the first Land Raider I’ve put together and painted up. I’m not a fan of the endless spike parade usually associated with 40k Chaos forces and thus I opted to leave them out from this model. While painting I tried several new techniques including enamel wash paints by AK Interactive and enamel effect paints such as Engine Oil and Engine Grime by AK Interactive. Most of the work is by pigments (I use a combination of Vallejo, AK Interactive, Mig and Kromlech pigments). The rust effects are accomplished using Vallejo Oxid Paste resin which I diluted and painted with a broken brush. The dust and mud are done with Vallejo Brown Earth resin paste and touched up with pigments.

I learned a lot with this miniature.


IMG_7439 copy







IMG_7450 copy





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