Thousand Sons


The Thousand Sons chapter has intrigued ever so much. At late fall 2013 I eventually started to gather an army around Ahriman. It’s a simple 2500 points army with Ahriman, a lord on Tzeentch disc, 2 units of Mutilators, 2 units of  Devastators, one unit of Chaos Spawns, a unit of Terminators and 2 big units of Thousand Sons marines. Oh … and a single Defiler. I’m not a big fan of the GW output regards to Thousand Sons and thus the army is a mix-match of beans from various sources.

Chaos Spawn. This model is from the nineties. It’s a 2-part resin model manufactured by Scotia Grendel from their 28mm Fantasy line. I don’t which game it’s supposed to fit at, but I reckoned it would make an awesome Chaos Beast for my Thousand Sons. This is the first one finished from a unit of 3.
Ahriman and his rubricae boys. This one is a scale comparison shot so the size of the Chaos Beast becomes apparent.

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